All About Pluto in Aquarius

The Sun will be conjunct Pluto as it enters Aquarius on Saturday (January 20th) making for a profound and intense time ahead. Don’t stress though, this is really, truly, a good thing, pretty incredible in fact. We will be able to take on great power and be quite influential in just about all of our dealings. 

This power will be met with either our own resistance or acceptance, depending on where you stand in your confidence and beliefs about your own worth. What you do this month will come full circle during the total Eclipse on April 8, 2024.

While absolutely being subject to powerful forces in your life, you will be given the tools to create more and better during this transit. This can feel dramatic at times, and that’s because everything around you will be RAPIDLY changing.

Again, this will depend on your level of resistance right now, and your ability to regulate your system during these changes.

You may be pulled to greater and more meaningful self-care, or simply exiting a draining circumstance all together, the Universe is saying yes to both of these options right now. As a result of (past) deep inner work and choices based in self-acceptance and not self-betrayal, events and relationships in your life can feel like they are morphing “too quickly” right now. 

Take the time you need to ground, but know that this is right on brand. Pluto is interlaced with all that is our shadow and underworld, he is tilling the proverbial soil so that something incredible can finally grow. Open your heart to this and stave away fear as best as you can.

In connection to the energy coming through at this time, I really recommend a more fortified physical routine. Solar flares will also be starting to peak into March and your body will feel this on many levels. Stay true to bodily cues when it comes to rest and minimize inflammation in the body when possible.

I know I’m not a doctor and realize I need to stay in my lane when it comes to medical advice, but I can’t explain how strongly this comes through in client sessions right now. Prioritize your rest. Eat and drink in a way that buffers inflammation and creates the bandwidth for you to heal. You are going to need a healthy body in the year to come and this transit is just the beginning.

I say this because you may be pulled to action by some unearthed strong ambition and drive. This is happening so that you can fully and deeply experience life and its incredibly beautiful moments right now. As they come in, it will be important to have the bandwidth to be present and able to process fully what is in store for you this year and beyond. 

It may even feel like some sort of unceasing willpower at times. This is because Pluto and the Sun are absolutely relentless forces that have their own agendas. When they come together, this almost piercing vibration, although quite positive, can feel overwhelming and almost “too much”.

I say all of this because this conjunction will pull on our intentions so strongly that we will have even more “manifestation power” right now.

Your intuition will be amplified as well, and it may feel like psychic gifts are either coming through or doubling, for some. However, those around you may find this unsettling, so go slow and be gentle in your conversations. Moreover, the shadow side to this transit is that our tendency to be forceful or compulsive could take over. Do your best not to let it friend. 

With grounded nature and rest, a delicate balance can absolutely be achieved. You see why I was urging that in the beginning of the newsletter? It will be so important not to get depleted right now!

And if you can, try to be mindful of what you need and give that to yourself as soon as you can. This way you can see what patterns are at play and be able to combat any fatigue with preventative measures the next time you get tired or over stimulated. And before you say it, yes there will be a next time, because this energy does last through the summer as Pluto settles deeper into Aquarius and new ideas, people and experiences develop. 

This also sets some much needed energetic guard rails and parameters for when Pluto goes retrograde during the second half of this year. With mindful intention you will sort through that as well, I know it.

On the even more positive but perhaps surprising side, your ability to read situations, people and hidden meanings, will spike at the beginning of this transit. Note this as you are being given clues in plain sight for later. Perhaps keep a journal or notes in your calendar, as you’ll soon recognize that you are more in charge of what happens than you initially thought this year. This is that power coming through that I referenced earlier. We love a little inner power and inner trust moment, don’t we? Yes, we do.

And speaking of something else I love about this transit, it will unearth some secrets so that Karma can fully come through. If you’ve been waiting on a settlement, judgement, separation, or effective legal ruling, I feel like this transit shines light and hope on your situation. You will have to be patient and keep your dealings close to the vest however. Do not be tempted to act out of anger or attack the other side preemptively. Being regulated and grounded is key right now.

Try your best not to be too public about your plans and maintain privacy should you be dealing with legal matters right now. Being observant during any conflict will be key as well right now as so much information and outside assistance is being offered up by this transit.

Aside from regulating your nervous system and getting rest, do not forget to play and live a little. Our Mercury Retrograde shadow period ends this week and it’s time for you to breathe just a little. Take the time to connect with friends and know that things do work out for you, Pluto is seeing to it this year.


Every time I unearth truth, I step into more abundant soil.
Every time I unearth deeper self-care, I step into the elevated love I’ve been craving.
Every time I unearth the time to rest, I step into a timeline where I receive more help, care and assistance on all levels.

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