All About the Autumn Equinox

The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, the same day as our Autumnal Equinox, making this day one of the best opportunities for transcending the limitations and compulsions of our past. 

It's all about equal energy exchange, harvesting what has always been ours, and connecting with our true essence so that we can open ourselves to receive bounties of all kinds.

This transitional event will occur at 2:50 am EST on Saturday, and the Sun will be exactly over the equator as it moves from earth sign Virgo into air sign Libra. This time is marked by an increased desire to connect one-on-one and celebrate partnerships of all kinds, whether romantic, platonic, or professional, to bring in more balance.

Oh, and by balance, I mean equal energetic exchange, which will very much be the focus now as our north and south nodes have settled in Aries and Libra, respectively. This nodal position beckons us to see our worth fully, and as we get glimpses and glimmers, we can see the way in front of us more clearly and with a renewed sense of purpose

A lot changes when we release fear and step into self-worth, so let's dive into better understanding, shall we?

The beginning of each of the four seasons offers us a portal to project our vision for the next three months, and the current dispensation of time is primed for this.

Autumn is when we can reap the fruits of our labor from the past months by gaining clarity around standards and what we simply can no longer hold onto. Like the shedding of leaves, we let all toxic beliefs, unhealthy habits, and problematic bonds fall into the past. The universe's message is quite simple:

We must let what is no longer ours to hold fall away in order to fulfill our purpose and close out the year.

Astrologically speaking, on the 23rd, the Fall Equinox marks the transition from cerebral and conscious Virgo to that of balance-craving Libra, causing a shift in our energetic flow. From the hurried and often dense feel of our Mercury Retrograde season, where Virgo ruled our schedules and pushed us to get it all done, we move into a different flow of Libra where we stand firmly in what we desire as we finally allow ourselves to reap what is rightfully ours

With that in mind, it makes sense that autumn generally leads to craving more time with loved ones, adorning our spaces, and feeling inspired to start planning more celebrations as we move into the rest of the year.

Now, this may not be as easy or flowery as I'm making it sound because the equinox happens to occur just days after Mercury, the planet of communication, will have ended its third retrograde of the year. Therefore, the transition can create some minor bumps in the road as Mercury is still quite stubborn in his retrograde shadow period. 

You'll have to be conscious of making time for rest and creativity, as others may be experiencing this too and could feel disconnected from their true, loving essence. I always go back to the truth that what is not being offered to me by others, I can offer to myself. This is not the time to get stuck on small details or maintain a rigid mindset that things must go your way. Remember this as the shift unfolds and connect to this truth often

You have the green light to give yourself what you need without guilt or shame.

As all of this settles in the next two weeks, you will see clearly that this time also offers a green light to build momentum with projects, planning, and connecting with others. Oh, and if the people you end up working with change, that is all well and good, too. 

There's room for this change as we enter eclipse season in October, and there's a culminating energy once again. I'll have so much more on this in the newsletters to come, and be sure to check back on Wednesday as I offer up your crystal prescription, ritual ideas, and more ways to reap the gorgeous rewards of this season. 

Here are some Autumnal Monday Mantras until then:

I put my desires first as I choose the path of most abundance.

I let fall what may as I choose to thrive in the most abundant timeline.

I attract abundance as I choose to follow my own path.

There is no wrong way to use these, I will say my Monday mantra in the morning or whenever I sit down for a meal. This sets the intention bright and early and when I take the time to nourish myself. Do what feels right for you 💕.

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