All About The Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon on September 29th will have us feeling undoubtedly empowered and perhaps even more driven to succeed, but not for the Aries-related reasons you'd think.  

Wounded healer Chiron influences our growth in a deep and powerful way this time, bringing in a sense of self and determination that may pleasantly surprise you.

This is because Chiron will be hovering nearby as we enter the full light of this lunation

Chiron guides us to find the power in our wounds rather than wallow in the past and its subsequent waves of sorrow. While this is all part of the collective grieving and healing process, Chiron teaches us that new power and wisdom can rise from our not-so-pleasant past traumas. Rather than spiritually bypassing those wounds, Chiron wants us to wear them as a badge of honor on the beautiful fabric that is our life so far.

You'll feel this energy encouraging you during the Aries Full Moon. It's as if the sorrows of the past no longer consume you but rather serve you now. You're being invited to come away anew and fortified instead of paralyzed by fear like times before. 

With Chiron connecting to our fields on a more intimate level, you may feel the urge to rise above even more, and this time even in the physical sense. You may be pulled more toward exercise, physical change, labor around the home, and even physically getting rid of clutter from the past.

The energies under this Aries Full Moon can also feel fiery and even stubborn, encouraging us to be bold and take action. You will most likely feel a boost of confidence and may be willing to take greater risks to get the outcome you want and deserve.

Make sure you're not doing this for anyone but yourself, as often performative aspects of our psyche can emerge even more during this Aries-esque lunation. There is, after all, another side to this energy that can leave us prone to aggression or submitting out of character to frustrations. This is where the above-mentioned physical outlets come in, and it will be VERY important to start or keep a workout or playful physical routine when all of this energy culminates - for your own sake friend.

The Moon In Motion

As our emotions continue to cycle during this lunation, the phase of this Aries Full Moon is also undergoing its own specific cycles. Beyond being our first Full Moon of Autumn, it's also the marker of completion of the events that began under the Aries New Moon in March, the first new Moon of Spring. Are you still with me here? Good. 

Think back to March 2023. Does anything come to mind? What were you struggling with then? What values and standards were you adamant about? Was there anything that perhaps didn't sit well, and you've been waiting for some change? Do you feel that you have now come full circle?

There was a powerful Aries New Moon, followed by an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse in April. The intentions set at that time are now likely to be in full bloom under this Aries Full Moon. Yep, you've got even more shifts coming; 2023 isn't letting up just yet. 

Full Moon Ritual

This moon is here to ignite creation AND creativity in our pursuits of abundance. Sure, love will always be at the forefront, but it seems intertwined this time with karma, energy exchange, and really, truly stepping into personal power

Think of this lunation as the invitation to use the highly creative vibrations of the Aries Full Moon to put your innermost manifestations out into the world. And before you say it, yes, this one is more about creating than clearing. We have been clearing throughout one of the most brutal retrograde seasons in a while. It's time to grow now.

So this Aries Full Moon is your chance to refocus on what lights your fire, separate from everyone else. This is true growth or personal power, after all, and even though our emotions may come in a little extra clear under this Full Moon, this leads us with clues into the next October Eclipse Season

Eclipses are usually highly transformative and tend to bring changes into our lives. These changes can be external, but there will also be more personal and intimate internal ones, too. 

Aries will rule over the Eclipse cycle energies in 2024, so this is our last regular Aries Full Moon until 2025. The next Aries lunar cycles are all going to be Eclipses. More on this in our next newsletters, but for now, let's bask in the glow of this fiery but incredibly healing Full Moon.

Try to feed yourself both physically and emotionally during this lunation with ritual focused on nourishment. Set intentions around growth, healing, and ascension from the past. Tell the universe what you'd like to see, feel, and hear in the not-so-distant future. Write down a list or write a letter, then fold it to be placed under your pillow as you sleep that night. Keep this list and burn it the following day or on the Eclipse on October 14th. Whatever feels right to you, go with it and trust yourself first.

Here are your mantras for this full moon:

I nurture safe connection and traverse the depths of my past.

I show up authentically and love deeply, I am worthy of all the good.

I was made to trust myself and achieve new heights. I connect to my fullest capacity now.

Full Moon Tarot Card Pull

Your Tarot card this time is the eight of wands upright. This card signifies speed, progress, and exciting changes.

When I pulled this one, I was pleasantly surprised as it signifies sudden and positive growth.

You will not need to force anything when this card comes through, as it signifies that what is for you is being orchestrated behind the scenes in your favor now.

Full Moon Crystal Prescription: Epidote 

Your crystal prescription for this full moon is Epidote. Its name literally translates to "give," but the mineral name "epidote" actually derives from a Greek word meaning "increase" or "addition." 

This is because the base of prismatic Epidote crystals have one longer side and one shorter side, signaling equal energetic exchange, even when we've betrayed ourselves in the past. If you desire to fully stand in your power and connect to balance, this is your stone. 

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