All About The New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

It is my unwavering belief that we as a collective are leveling up at an unprecedented speed right now. Sincerely, I cannot stress this enough. You may have felt thin a physical level due to solar flares, and definitely on an emotional level as we move closer and closer to Pluto diving into Aquarius this month.

This New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th brings in even more understanding and despite being a New Moon, sheds so much light on our shadow sides. It will be telling, full of opportunity, creative, and have you full of new found confidence on one or more levels. Pluto will be conjunct the Moon, making it one where we feel more daring and open to try new things.

We will be super supported in our efforts by Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn, so know that this isn’t just lip service, you can totally step into a winning position this month. On that note let’s dive in, shall we?

This New Moon brings with it a little bit of a pleasant jolt. It will bring in news that you may have been waiting for, as well as reassurance that you are indeed on the right path. This will also be an excellent time to set intentions for the next six months. Yes, I said six. In my meditations lately, I’ve been really getting downloads to watch for what happens in June, particularly June 6th. 

I’ve talked about this in my subscriber stories on Instagram and that date comes through quite a bit when I tap in during my “collective” meditation. I looked that date up and it turns out we will have a New Moon in Gemini then, it will be conjunct Venus and squares Saturn. Perhaps this is the completion or culmination of what happens this month? You’re guess is as good as mine, but I really do feel like these two months are very much connected. The seeds you sow this month will break through with nourishing results in June. There. I said it. This would honestly make sense because pragmatic Capricorn does rule future needs and this Moon entices us to finally get clear on those goals and intentions.

We had a bit of a slower start to the new calendar year, and now that Mars is in Capricorn and Mercury will also be at the end of the week, we will get the boost of energy needed to implement plans and get going on projects. Now I’m getting super curious about the June connection, I must say.

I will discuss Mercury in Capricorn in our next newsletter, so definitely check back on Wednesday as well. For now, there are some pretty powerful areas of life you can set your intentions on during our New Moon. Subjects like future financial security, reaching health goals, success in career, recognition around abilities and advancements, and management or leadership skills are all associated with this sign.

And since Capricorn is the sign of structure, this New Moon could be the beginning of a powerful planning phase that bears even more fruit in the latter six months of the year as well. I say this because there are two Capricorn New Moons this calendar year, the last occurring on December 30, 2024.

You will want to really conserve your energy with this though, as Capricorn really wants us to get down to what is truly important and viable right now. Forget wasting time on gossip, wishing away circumstances, being stagnant with your actions and efforts, as well as wasting time on social media. There, I said it. Again.

This incredibly potent New Moon really wants to help you hone in on the work that’s worthy of your time and your energy. Allow this as new ideas come through in the weeks to come and do not be afraid to ask for help!

Like the wind pushing against the sails of a boat, the Universe is really expelling some helpful energy that you may not even see coming right now. Remember that free flowing list we talked about? Well this is where that comes in. Write everything down, I promise it will create some pretty magical flow in your life.

This all boils down to becoming the authority in your life by calling out what you need in order to implement your plans and goals right now. If you are just getting around to feeling this energy, remember that you are in good company.

We got a slower energetic start to the year and you’ll now see it will all starts to form and take shape. As you create your lengthy list in the below outlined ritual, define some of your core values and allow long-term goals come through naturally. There will be no need force this as you will see even more results in the weeks and months to come. You are absolutely on divine timing and the Universe will be showing you this through soft glimmers, so there is no rush. You are absolutely where you are supposed to be.

New Moon Ritual

What do you need in order to get to that next level or to start something completely new? Write that all down right now as part of your New Moon ritual. I would honestly do this “stream of consciousness” style and just let it flow.

Grab a pen and paper, put on some 639Hz, 528Hz, or 33Hz music and light a white candle. Allow yourself to be still and let your mind go completely blank for at least 30 seconds.

Just witness yourself for a minute or two. Then in your mind’s eye, start by asking the question, what is it that I truly want right now? Write that down in a judgement free and free flowing manner. Let it all come through.

Then after you are done with this first half, go back to stillness for a minute or two while you allow yourself to go back energetic level set. Then ask the question, what do I need to get there? Allow those answers to pour out onto the paper and don’t you dare judge what comes through. I’m going to keep this writing in a journal but you are welcome to do what feels right with your paper. I love seeing how things shape up and I will definitely be coming back to all of this on the New Moon in June.

New Moon Mantras

I am exactly where I am supposed to be as I enter the vibration of love, healing and peace.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be as I enter the vibration of abundance, achievement and wealth.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be as I enter the vibration of clarity, intuition and inner knowing.

New Moon Tarot Card

Our tarot card for this New Moon is the Wheel of Fortune. This card really signifies an element of change in one’s life. It is the card of expansion and growth. 
It represents the cycles we are moving to and from, and in its upright position typically stands for positive outcomes and unexpected choices that will bring surprisingly good but unexpected results.
This is the card of change and I’m so here for it. 

New Moon Prescription: Stitchtite

This New Moon in Capricorn is wanting structure and we're busy setting intentions around the most powerful areas in our lives for the next 6 months, it really felt like Stitchtite is a good companion during this time. 
Stitchtite is the stone of order, kindness and strength. It connects deeply to the Crown chakra to connect the wearer to profound spiritual awakening.
As you work with this piece take the time to create intention around protection and overcoming mental and emotional hurdles where it comes to stepping into a new timeline and the goals associated. It also guides the wearer in making sound financial decisions so that long term wealth can be attained.
Wear it on the left to draw in abundance and on the right to dissipate what doesn’t belong in the field or even what we may have been over-looking when it comes to letting go. This lends to creating a void through letting go and allowing the Universe to connect us to more opportunity.

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