All About The Solar Eclipse in Aries

Saturn and his infamous return may have been ruling our astrological atmosphere at the start of the year, but another galactic occurrence is front and center now, and that is our Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th.

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much karmic undertone with this eclipse season that it cannot be denied in any way, but we are now peeling back layers as eclipse energy really starts to peak.

The Sun and Moon both in Aries, dance close to the North Node. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac which, to me, means that this time is all about new beginnings after some pretty huge redirection.

The outcome of this particular eclipse will come out of nowhere however.  We simply can’t predict it.

But you know me, I do have a few thoughts on this anyway, let’s dive in.

So I feel like lunar eclipse energy marks some sort of healing in lieu of the divine feminine. Think pop culture, celebrity news, or perhaps on a personal level you may see this play out in your own life as you step further into healing the divine feminine that dwells within.

We could see information coming through pertaining to incongruence around receiving or the way we have been treated by mother figures in our lives. Sometimes this can feel really intense as well as pushing for a step into honesty and subsequent healing.

Solar eclipse energy marks healing of the divine masculine, perhaps healing of both giving and receiving as we nourish ourselves by allowing curiosity and vulnerability over force and brute strength. This can be hard work as we soften scars and give into childhood longing and the need to be held. 

The Sun warms, and this is what we will be seeking and drawn to during this part of the eclipse season.

Perhaps we dare to break the pattern this time. Perhaps we have outgrown the tough skin that has protected us up to this point. It may have become stiff and itchy, and now we turn to breaking through it to reveal a more pliable and inherently more naturally protective surface.

So what have you outgrown anyway? What I mean is what have you been done with for quite some time but perhaps are mindlessly holding onto?

I say this because Chiron has some significance this time around. On March 20th, Mercury was conjunct Chiron and offered us some insight into our wounding, this time it will be conjunct on April 15th and offers up another peak in healing but this time it shows us a way through healing that has some tangible results. 

You have a right to exist, and this is shown in the coming days and weeks through May. Perhaps you’ll be given a chance to stand up for yourself during this eclipse? Maybe this time you’ll do it on your terms without having to scream like your inner child once did. Perhaps you’ve been working on wound healing and you could be faced with a situation that allows for flexing some of these muscles. 

This eclipse continues to illuminate secrets as well, so this grounded resolve will come in not only useful, but as another way of healing or seeing yourself more fully. You are worthy of taking up space on this plane, and this eclipse could be the catalyst for you to finally feel that more deeply.

Personally I love that Chiron has his hand in this eclipse. It has exact degrees to Aries, and is nestled between Saturn, which signifies restriction of rules, and Uranus, which connects to expansion and breaking free of patterns.

This is something to witness but not force. I say this because we are taking a pivot in our healing as a collective right now and although there is much work to do, we are being shown new direction.

We are releasing the chronic grip of the toxic masculine and opening ourselves up to actually ask for help, admit when we need it, and take the steps to change.

It’s beautiful and painful and so incredibly powerful all on its own, so do not worry about ritual this time. Just take a moment for gratitude and rest, all will unfold beautifully. 

If it feels right, use these simple mantras when you need them in the coming days.

I matter.

I am worthy.

I am loved.

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