All About The Sun Conjunct Mercury

So in our last newsletter, we discussed the ebbs and flows that may occur for you this week. We touched on the Sun conjunct Mercury and I would like to dive a little deeper into this transit as it really does provide some insight but also avenues for healing, if we are open to being a little vulnerable, okay may be more than a little.

I say this because as we near mid-month and beyond, the influence of Chiron and other astrological aspects around wound healing will become more and more prominent.

Sitting in an exact conjunction with Chiron (the wounded healer), this last eclipse magnified the potential for healing what has been ailing us for possibly even decades. Yes, as in that long. This is getting to our core wounding, remember? Oof, that can be hard.

This can signify new beginnings for you, possibly a whole new mindset around old patterning as well. Think, the way you treat your body, the way you approach mental health, and yes, the way you take on others' energy or the incongruence with energetic exchange in your relationships.

This is incredible and honestly, if you really think about it, well deserved. You’ve bee through a lot friend. This new beginning could also be super emotionally charged and have you feeling vulnerable. The key will be to let go of shame and actually feel your way through.

The message here is that you are enough and even for a minute or two a day, allow yourself to feel this. Let go of seeking the right answer and feel “all that is” for once.

Sometimes it’s enough just to feel grounded and present, even though it feels like everything around you may be changing. Plus, an honest breakthrough now, will undoubtedly bring some abundance, and even a love connection by month’s end. I say this because we have so much potential to release blockages right at this time, but the ego will be fighting to keep us from feeling all the scary feels.

It will also try to keep us from changing so that we can step into the beautiful timeline waiting for you at month’s end. Seriously. The next Full Moon is pretty magical, IF you feel your way through this sticky little post eclipse week.

So, take the useless “what ifs” out at this time, and stop stressing over having that white knuckle grip as you navigate the next two weeks.  This is eclipse season friend, you simply cannot “what if” right now because the Universe has other plans and you won’t see them coming.

What if you come upon more challenges? What if it’s hard and you feel unsteady? Well, what if you actually do beautifully and allow your field to walk in step with the Universe right now? You just have to trust. Read that again if you need to.

Mercury retrograde also adds a dose of confusion to the mix this week, so remember that actions speak louder than words.

Misunderstandings or delays may occur, which really pulls on your actions to speak volumes. If you’ve been holding back or uncertain about asserting yourself, this provides a potent opportunity to take your power back. But, do this methodically and not out of a reactive state. Remember our last newsletter? Everyone will be wanting to speak their mind thanks to our little Sun conjunction tomorrow, stay grounded and deliberate and you will do great.

And speaking of which, I wanted to add to what we discussed last time. The Sun is conjunct mercury tomorrow and I really want to expand on this for a minute.

Mercury represents communication skills, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, while the Sun represents energy, power, recognition, and courage. It will be so important to get clear and truly mean what you say.

People with Sun conjunct Mercury in their birth chart possess a lot of mental energy and sometimes over analyze even more than usual.

They can do this to a point of freezing when it comes to taking action or making a decision. The idea with this transit is to NOT over analyze and just feel our way through. Take on the mantra “I am letting it be and allowing the Universe to show truth to me.”

Mercury brings meaning, clarity, and a sort of deeper explanation to whatever it touches. When it is aligned with the Sun like this, we tend to live in a state of more flow when we allow things to “just be” rather than over analyzing or overthinking. We can fully be present in the moment and allow some real, meaningful communication to occur, yes, even during a Mercury Retrograde.

So now that you are fully informed on my thoughts and feelings on the energy this week, let's dive into some mantras, shall we?


Self-love and deeper connection are mine and I trust in the process of acquiring both at this time.

Truth and healing are mine and I trust in the process of acquiring both at this time.

A beautifully adventurous life and feelings of safety are mine and I trust in the process of acquiring both at this time.

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