All About Those Floral Vibes

Here's why you should make like Miley and just buy your own flowers

Subconsciously we tend to be drawn toward the flowers that most closely match our current energetic state of being. Each bloom has a vibrational frequency that resonates with one or more of your Chakras, but usually, it's the sacral center. Let me tell you what I mean.

A Texas A&M University study reported that flowers indoors could hold the secret to financial success through creativity. And our creativity is deeply connected to that sacral chakra. The research demonstrated that idea generation, creative performance, and problem-solving skills substantially improve in environments including flowers. So, forget romance! Just show me the money through creativity, honey.

Flowers raise the vibration of a room, but they also raise yours. Their supernatural healing effects bring balance and signal to the Universe, specifically where you need a boost. Plus, showing yourself some love only multiplies the love coming in. You know that small acts of self-care add up to big change in the not-so-distant future. Well, if you didn't, they do!

Besties, here is our mantra for the week:

The Universe floods me with warm light as I open into my fullest bloom and create the most beautiful life for me.

There is no wrong way to use these mantras. I will say my Monday mantra in the morning or whenever I sit down for a meal. This sets the intention bright and early and when I take the time to nourish myself. Do what feels right for you .

Fab Floral & Crystal Pairings


Here are some awesome floral and crystal pairings I will often put on my kitchen island to amplify floral vibes with intention.

Smokey Quartz Bracelet

 Smokey Quartz + Any Daisy Variety = These have a powerhouse effect when it comes to clearing but really fortify our fields with energetic buffering, like at the workplace or in any office, for example. 

Clear Quartz Bracelet

Clear Quartz + Hydrangea = both cast an energetic net of calm and clearing that constantly multiplies. 

Garnet Bracelet

Garnet + Roses = both amplify feelings of focus on what matters and give off a sensual vibration centered on co-creating.

Tiger Eye + Sweet Pea or any "climbing" variety of flower = both connect to the divine and softly but deliberately raise vibration, and the kundalini. 



So you can take yourself dancing, and you can hold your own hand, but with some flowers in the house, you can for sure love yourself better than they can.

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