All About Venus in Aquarius

Venus enters Aquarius on Friday and I have to be honest, it's really giving me some "break free" vibes. When Venus enters Aquarius, we move towards our unique nature, independence, and freedom. These themes will show up in social relationships of all kinds.
Before you ask - no, this is not a bad thing but it is a thing.
This could affect how seriously you take the work demands of your boss, the time demands of a significant other, and even the personal demands you put on your own free time. 
Also, this independent vibe doesn't mean that cheating or betrayal will be rampant, it just means that while Venus is in Aquarius you will see more options and more of your worth. 
I really think this time can deepen our connections because we will be pulled toward being more honest, and dutiful, but to what we love most. You may strike a new balance in relationships as well. You may be pulled to deeper friendship with your lover, or deeper intimacy through communication with friends. Friends could also suddenly become lovers under this transit as well.
Venus is in Aquarius from February 16th through March 11th. That's 25 days of deeper connection to love, friendship and the honest truth of what you really want in your relationships.
This can bode really well for deeper commitment like I said, but for most it will have to be on their own terms. I'm telling you, the energy of this Aquarius season has been no joke, absolutely transformative in my opinion.
Having true friends as well as honest lovers is also important to us during this cycle. While you may be craving freedom of expression, this will also be expected from your partners in their own way.
Being selfish at work or self-serving in love will have no place, and you will feel it. Small talk and gossip may also be turn offs as you dive deeper into this transit.
I do have to say, however, that new or even experimental relationships will seem more intriguing at this time. You may be pulled to people who "aren't your type" in just about any kind of relationship these next 3-4 weeks.
Like I said, this Aquarius season is one for the books. I say test the waters, you may connect with others, or they could serve as a beautiful mirror to connect more with yourself.
This reminds me of a time about three years ago, when I went on a date in New York City. Let's just say it just wasn't a match. They weren't energetically my type and after the third rude quip to the server, I made like The Queen of Swords and excused myself to the bathroom. I paid the tab on my way out and left.
I decided not to throw the night away and went to a neighboring restaurant, sat at the bar, and ended up having one of my favorite nights to date. I met men and women who I'm super good friends with to this day.
It was amazing. That is Venus in Aquarius energy, it just wants you to be true to yourself and happy in your skin, in your surroundings, and in your heart. Do not be afraid to switch it up right now.


I clear the need for validation and embrace the love of who I am.
I clear the urge to prove myself and embrace the fact that I am already worthy.
I clear the old stories that kept me safe and embrace the new and unknown stories that are yet to be.

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