All About Venus In Capricorn

We've got Venus heading into Capricorn tomorrow with the Moon showing her fullest self on the 25th. I'm very much here for both and I'll tell you why.

Venus in Capricorn will have us projecting our aura/light field to receive love and abundance in a way that isn't obtuse or desperate.

It aims to show us that we are worthy and aren't here to beg or hustle for crumbs. Your appetite for love or how you want to be loved may shift and change over the coming weeks as Venus stays in Capricorn until February 16th. Ahhh yes, just in time for Valentine's Day.

We will be pulled to different expressions of love, ones that offer up more action and not just words or the usual stale routine.

This practical and often deliberate energy may make you more bold and less worried about what others think, and honestly, I am very much here for it.

It is also beckoning us to be more concise with our efforts and less attention seeking for the sake of getting validated on a superficial level. It's like we are being called to express ourselves more directly but also more authentically too.

The vibe is confident, calm, and collected, so say what you need to say and don't over sell it. This can also apply to career and finances if you are feeling like you need to present a plan or ask for an increase in pay. Set the intention and don't over explain when it comes to having a conversation. You will be heard even more if you allow your truth to come through in a concise manner.  

Love may also take on a sacred form, one where you may crave something more meaningful in your life if you aren't getting that from your partner currently. The allure of one night stands and frivolous flirtation may start to become lackluster, but that may be a really good thing considering that Juno, the asteroid of love, is retrograde right now as well.

We are getting the heart of our relationships and staying there until we find solutions. We are also finding out information that may have been hidden for quite some time. Past betrayals, gossip, or other energetic inequities will be shown in the next few weeks.

If you find yourself experiencing this, allow it to come to you and do not concern yourself with chasing down the facts or hidden meanings. So much will continue to unfold and be revealed as we move through this transit, and it will all be very supportive in the end. Your job will be to stay grounded and pour back into yourself first.

We may also find ourselves getting serious about our finances and connecting or collaborating more in business relationships.

Our creative talents, abilities to collaborate and connect with others, and over all resolve to "get the job done" will be highly boosted during this transit. You may feel more confident and ambitious here too, this is because Venus in Capricorn strives to makes us more reliable in other's eyes, but on ourselves too. It shows us we can do hard things and do them well, like very well.

And if you've been feeling like the underdog at work or in romance but still keeping true to yourself and showing up every day, this transit aims to reward your efforts. I love it.

This transit favors collaboration, respectful exchange, focused financial goals, thought out ventures, and lastly, long-term romance and investments. Which leads us into our Full Moon in Leo, and it's quite a positive one as Uranus settles in direct motion the following day. Pluto has been adding a little tension lately so I feel like in true Full Moon fashion there may be an emotional moment or two, but it's all very cleansing and positive in the end.

Venus, Mars and Mercury get in on the action in a positive way as they transit through Capricorn and it will actually have us feeling more ready than we did initially for the new calendar year.

The vibe around this Moon is actually quite loving and tugs on us to enjoy simple pleasures, as well as connect more deeply with our inner child. The two go hand in hand in my opinion, so if you have kids, it will pull you to relishing time with them or connecting more deeply through acts of service like cooking a meal with the family or indulging in a favorite kind of play.

This month's lunation is called the Wolf Moon, and marks the first full lunation of the year. It will draw us even deeper inward for release around shame and doubt. I've talked about this before and this theme around releasing shame really takes shape as we head into February and beyond.

Honestly this is a joyous, supportive, and exciting Full Moon, even if Pluto makes it a little bit intense leading into its peak hours. This is because the moon will square Jupiter at the same time, which can have us craving expansion, growth and a change of scenery. It will build on the confident foundation that Venus brings, which can overwhelm the system as it calibrates to the new vibration.

I feel like this lunation really draws on us to live in the moment, as it continues to strip shame from our fields further. You may find yourself cycling through emotions rapidly. This will ebb and flow for all of us so be kind to yourself, you are definitely not alone.

You have so much to gain this month/year, and perhaps this Moon is just making room for more. I will discuss this further along with rituals and mantras and yet another deep dive on Wednesday.


All that I desire is within reach, I take the first steps willfully and at my pace.

All that I need is within reach, I take the first steps intentionally, knowing all will be given in due time.

All that I imagine is within reach, I take the first steps blindly, having full faith that all will be revealed.

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