All About Venus in Pisces

Venus is in Pisces today and per usual I've got some opinions. Venus is exalted in Pisces and does well to amplify our intuitive senses in the sign. It urges devotion, compassion, generosity, and altruistic sacrifice.

The shadow side to this is that we may get lost in the shuffle when it comes to our needs, or our feelings if we are used to having them on the back burner in relationships.

Mercury in Aries will counteract this but there is still a chance we could fall back on our old ways or not speak up when things get a little heated or intense.

If we've done work around getting our needs met and really connecting with the needs of our inner teen/child, this is a gorgeous time for equal energy exchange, deep talks, and really connecting on a heart centered level.

Those with prominent Pisces placements as well as those with their Venus in Pisces will feel this transit more deeply and see it play out in their relationships more consciously.

It also needs to be noted that with Venus in Pisces, we are also more apt to forgive but not forget. We may have certain deep discussions and come to more fruitful understanding with loved ones, even squashing old feuds or misunderstandings. BUT if the intent is not genuine or simply that of making conflict "go away" this could backfire.

With the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and Penumbral Lunar eclipse, equal energy exchange will be at the forefront. What is disingenuous will be shown, even if our intentions are seemingly good, this energy will expose cracks in the foundation and have us starting over.

Take your time with discussions and say what you really mean, do not hide behind what you "should" be doing or saying, but open yourself to the truth so that a true moving forward can occur. This transit really embraces that kind of openness with Pisces, we can successfully rely on our intuition and even lean into it more heavily. 

This can connect to our finances and not just love life during this cycle. We will be pulled to situations that inspire us to go a little deeper both in love and finance as Venus does have a heavy hand in both. We will not only go deeper but expand more outward as we appreciate more of the unusual or unconventional side of people. We seek those that inspire and touch us on new levels, both in work and in love.

But I have to say, this isn't your usual dreamy Piscean energy, it's so much more than that. This is smart, innovative, unusual, energy that comes as somewhat a relief just when we need it. You could come away more inspired, but also more abundant if you choose to follow it. What I mean by that is you could meet new people who push you forward to a more abundant timeline. Just stay open and see who comes through.

In the spirit of seeking out unusual solutions and partnerships, you may also be pulled to helping others and it could be really gratifying. It's almost as if you won't have to do much either, just being your genuine self and celebrating those gifts of yours will be enough. This is that eclipse equal energy exchange coming in and I love it. Pisces energy wants us to see all sides and all possibilities, it is never linear or black and white in showing us our options.

The way we show love and are loved in return becomes all encompassing. We are more able to understand others and intuitively know how to show love to them in a more meaningful way. The shadow side to this is that love can take on a more seductive and even manipulative energy as we connect with others.

Try not to rush in or go straight to the "good part.” I say this because boundaries become more hard to define and are even somewhat blurred under Venus in Pisces. Don't let yourself become deceived because you want to believe in the fairytale or happy ending, this transit is about the journey after all.

Try not to idealize a potential partner and watch for personal boundaries being crossed, as this is an excellent time to find out what those are for you exactly. And if someone isn't "for you" based on your standards and boundaries, then there will be other options presented at this time or soon after. That's the wonderful part about this transit - it's just abundant and wants you to believe that the Universe provides endless options. 

So, allow yourself to see the beautiful lessons and enjoy the journey of getting to know all possibilities. There is absolutely zero rush to commit to something if you are unsure. Why would you anyway, we've got a retrograde coming up that will unearth truth and equalize energy even more.

We will talk all about this in our upcoming newsletters, for now here are your mantras. 


I take truth in like water and allow it to fortify me from within. 

I take love in like air and allow it to sustain me from within. 

I take reciprocity in like fire and allow it to warm me from within.

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