All About Mercury In Aries

Mercury enters Aries on the 9th this week and we've got a New Moon on the 10th. I will have so much more for you on Wednesday about the latter, but let's definitely get into Mercury in Aries to better get a handle on the changes up ahead. 

In astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with our communication, expression, and patterns of thinking. Travel, technology, and day to day scheduling are also influenced by this planet as well.

 In mythology, Mercury was quite preoccupied. He was in charge of finance, commerce, communication, and at times even clever trickery. Mercury was responsible for curating medical support for mortals who needed it. He was also tasked with guiding their souls into the underworld. What a busy guy/god no?

He did have one advantage though, which was the fact that he had wings and he could fly from place to place when needed. Perhaps these wings added speed, or a bird's eye view, but they definitely gave Mercury an edge at getting many tasks started.

The actual planet Mercury moves fast. I'm talking really fast. As the planet closest to the Sun, one year on Mercury is only 88 days long. This means it completes its rotation around the Sun about 76% faster than Earth.

Could its positioning affect our daily lives and speed our energetic flow up as well? In my opinion, depending on what sign it is in, yes. Today this planet is associated with quick transitions and transmuting that which we may have been avoiding. It can feel disruptive depending on where it is in the cosmos and where it resides in your chart.

While it is in Aries, we will see our lives speed up rather quickly and then slow down again during the retrograde. It feels at home in this sign, which can have Mercury acting a little over confident and perhaps even a little brash. As it transitions into Aries this week, Mercury can make you a very good communicator, showcase your personal power, and boost courage and even determination.

It can also amplify the power of persuasion so that you can more easily persuade others, but definitely be aware that it can work the opposite way and make us more susceptible to being manipulated - if we refuse to see the truth about ourselves and others. We may become over confident and assume that we are always right or that others opinions matter more than our own. The key will be to stay grounded and in a more regulated state so as to make decisions from this state rather than one of fear or hurried response. 

This transit indicates the spicy relationship between the planet of communication and its assertive Aries positioning, but this position can make us think outside of our usual patterns.

It makes us pull from ideas that are more original and thinking patterns more innovative and out of our normal routine. Spontaneous communication can occur more during this transit as we are pulled to express ourselves in a straightforward manner, but like I said before, be aware of making decisions too quickly or using combative responses from a dysregulated state. 

As we edge closer to the New Moon in Pisces on March 10th, we will want to commit to new ideas or desires brought on by Mercury. I really caution you to do so from a regulated state and not one out of need or rushed response.

Mercury is in Aries for quite some time as it retrogrades April 1-25th and it completes its transit in Aries on May 15th. You have plenty of time to decide next steps if you are unsure.

Allow new and innovative ideas to come through this Pisces Season and get really curious right now, as the New Moon in Pisces will bring even more news and innovation. 

This New Moon is going to be conjunct with Neptune, the ruler of dreams, creative pursuits, and your psychic powers. As I've said in past newsletters, Piscean energy will be extremely potent at this time. I say this because this lunation begins a liminal lunar cycle, which will offer many opportunities to deepen your spiritual practice and amplify your innate gifts. It invites us to renew our relationship with our unseen and intangible powers and reminds us that stillness and curiosity will only open more doors for new beginnings to occur.

There will be so much healing that happens these next three weeks, and I can't wait to discuss all of this and so much more in our next newsletter.

For now, here are your mantras:

I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

There is time and space for everything I desire.

In my stillness I seek answers, and as I stay curious these answers find me.


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