All The Tea on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be in a conjunction with the Lunar North Node of Destiny, literally re-routing our paths. Our brains will be energized by new ideas and new introductions, but it will feel exhausting.

Because this retrograde begins in Taurus, which is associated with slowing down, practicality, and patience, you can expect this time to force you back to basics, start over, and regress in communication.

Think phone issues, documents getting lost, and miscommunication when it comes to signed contracts. But what comes up now will absolutely bring growth later in the year, I’m talking October/November.

All of this can be really great for rebuilding relationships and planning a solid foundation, but it’s also frustrating to have to explain yourself or start over. You might even feel cornered to defend your position or ideas. But you’ll find out that you are much more supported than you thought, so focus on the task at hand and do what you need to do anyway.

And make no mistake, this one is all about the inner teenager and using our personal power to be fully seen. You will need extra time alone or to recharge your emotional batteries. I’m not kidding when I say April is a monumental time for healing. We just can’t escape the leveling up, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Working with your inner teenager also means that you will be thinking about your own security and safety when it comes to financial matters and the home. You may have to reparent what security and home mean to you. Themes around speaking from the pain you’ve felt for a long time will come up to be examined. This is a good thing because Taurus has this earthy energy that wants to make things more stable and grounded. It wants you to create a life that you can rely on filled with people in it for the long haul.

And that could mean that those who don’t align with your well-being and purpose will fall off in a dramatic way. This is where mercury gets spicy. There will be breakups, changes, and eventually by mid-May, some make-ups.

My biggest piece of advice: don’t worry about their Karma. We’ve got eclipse season coinciding with a retrograde that points you to your destiny right now. Stay in your lane and don’t send part of your life force in their direction. You’re going to need it.

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