April's New Moon & Solar Eclipse

This intense New Moon on April 19th doubles as a Solar Eclipse and I’m so here for the cosmic shakeup.

For me personally, Solar Eclipse usually means a breakup of some sort. It can be professional, personal, or with the part of myself that I’m honestly just ready to part with for good.

With the Nodes of Fate in the very early degrees of Scorpio and Taurus, the Sun and Moon are creating a conjunction with the lunar nodes and forming a tense square to paradigm-shifting Pluto. Did you get all that?

This means that action, and in some cases, a meaningful reaction on your part, will be necessary. It might even be forced on you to make a decision or at least have a conversation that you might not be ready for. I am fully confident that it will have to do with giving up something “good” for something great, but it won’t exactly be predictable.

This will happen in a way you didn’t anticipate. Take your time, listen, and get very curious. The Universe will be dropping hints and clues along the way and it will honestly be one of the most, if not the most, illuminating times of the year. I will have more on the eclipse in our newsletter this Wednesday, but let's dive deep into this New Moon in Aries, shall we?

As this moon rules the throat, your Throat Chakra may be activated like never before. This can take the form of a sore neck, sore throat, tired vocal cords, or overactive/underactive thyroid.

Since April is unequivocally a month of so much healing, don’t delay proper supplements or getting those parts of the body checked out. This will provide not only medical information but energetic clues as to where your life force may be being siphoned right now.

The body will definitely be keeping the score in the months to come, and we are being pulled to proper care in order to face the challenges ahead. This Universe needs you more than ever and you owe it to yourself to heed the call and get healthy.

But it must be said that however reluctant you are to let go, these types of eclipses have a way of showing us that the Universe will swiftly do it for us if we cling too tightly.

If you remember, we talked about cord-cutting prior to the last Full Moon. Did you do your due diligence then? Could this be a reminder of this?

If you had to have some intense conversations or even heart-felt compromises, then this time might be one of observations for you. Maybe you help someone else let go and transmute what they’ve been resisting? Maybe you just grab the popcorn and watch?

At any rate, wherever you are, there will be ties cut and some sincerely powerful shake-ups all around.

The Moon In Motion

The caveat here is that this hits during Mercury Retrograde season as well, so we may have a possibility that whomever or whatever is the subject of our shake-up, may come back again in 5-6 months just to see if we are really willing to let go. Oof.

I mean, for something new to be brought in, something old must be released first right?

My best advice is to fully release what must go and to do so in gratitude. I will go over this in a ritual below but just know that the revolving door nature of this New Moon is absolutely on purpose.

Any difficult conversations will have a positive spin and whatever you are resisting or fearing really won’t seem that bad once you get in the flow of what you have to do.

Think of it as part of the necessary formula for getting exactly what you want; you simply have to embark on an honest, equal, energetic exchange, of giving up what you don’t need first.

April New Moon Ritual

Your ritual this time has to do with some pensive writing.

On the RIGHT side of the paper write down anything and everything that has been draining you. From limiting beliefs around scarcity to the energy of an unappreciative person in your life to red lights at the traffic stop to your ex-mother-in-law's voice, just me? Didn’t think so. NOTHING is too petty or off-limits. These things have to go, let them.

On the LEFT side of the paper write down what it would be like if those things actually left your field. How would it feel? Would life be any different? Would you have more time? More money? More of your life force back? Try to use words that describe emotion.

On the left is what we draw in, and on the right is what we release. Burn this paper if it feels right or save it and burn it on the next Full Moon.

Even if the road ahead seems unclear, I am absolutely free to do what I want.
When I let go, I am open myself up to receive.

There is safety in release, I am always being taken care of and protected.

April New Moon Tarot Card Pull

tarot card

The Four of Cups Reversed

This one is all about pulling ourselves out of a rut.

It is so fitting with all of the astrological shake-ups lately.

This card tends to new realizations and understanding.

We are beckoned to make adjustments where needed and step out of our current energy spin.

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