Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

While crystals come in many colors, sizes, and forms, it's their shape that can often influence their vibration and intensity. From obelisk, to cubes, to cluster, to sphere, to point, our gorgeous crystal babies serve their holders in so many ways.

Here’s a simple guide to some familiar crystal shapes you may have in your collection now and maybe some new ways to place and use them.

Obelisk - Release & Distribute Energy  

Obelisk shape originated in ancient Egypt and it was a marker of accomplishments and to honor the gods.
This shape leans into the Divine Masculine and acts as a vessel to release and distribute energy.
It can be helpful in the hand to clear energy or infuse a room with its beautiful vibration.
I often place mine near a fireplace, mantle, or bookshelf. Another perfect spot would be a coffee table or desk, as it works incredibly well in clearing rooms and keeping the energy flowing. 

Cube - Replace Negative with Positive


The cube crystal formation symbolizes geometric perfection.

Because it looks the same from any perspective, it's perceived as the counterpart of the sphere.

It replaces negative thoughts with positive ones and truly aids in clearing meditation.

I would place this piece wherever you feel most drained or find yourself working to meet demands as it draws on us to discover the depths of our personal power.

An office space would be great, but don't hesitate to place it in a study or common area like the kitchen and think outside of the box - every pun intended.

Cluster - Cleanse & Clear


Cluster shape is my favorite for cleansing and clearing.

It radiates the energy of our intention, infusing the space and those around it. But they also absorb and purify any stagnant energy in the room, making it the perfect piece for a family room, entertainment area, and bedroom.

I have one on either side of my bed and in the room where my girls watch TV.

The size of this piece doesn’t really matter honestly, even the smallest clusters pack a huge energetic punch.

Sphere - Unify & Connect


Sphere shapes help to unify and connect the inhabitants of a space.

It is the most symmetrical shape after all, making this a perfect piece in a kitchen or dining room.

In my opinion, this shape radiates some of the most powerful, high-vibrational energy effortlessly.

These pieces emit energy in all directions all at once, which only amplifies the crystal's actual properties further.


Point - Direct Energy In & Out


Point shaped crystals are incredible for directing energy toward or away from your field.

Place them on the body pointing up to draw energy in and pointing down to clear energy from the body.

I will use these pieces to clear myself after a long day and will place them on a bookshelf or table pointing toward a door or window.

Gridding a space this way draws dense energy away from the living space and invites it outside to be transmuted and refurbished by mother nature.

We are often more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for. So whichever shape you’re drawn to, try not to overthink and allow yourself to be directed to using it in a way that works best for you.

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