How to Keep Your Energy and Space Clear

As the energy of our eclipse season heads into the Summer months, we will experience quicker shifts not only in our personal field but in our homes and workspaces.

It will be really important to keep your energy and space clear as you become more conscious of your manifestations.

You may even become more sensitive to the energy of a room when you walk in because, during this time, you're receiving even more divine help from guides, and you may become more attuned to the space around you.

Again, clearing will become vital simply because your life force will need the week-to-week relief that energy cleansing offers.

Whether it’s a sound bowl, smoke clearing, room spray, or simply opening all of the windows and deep cleaning your space, you may feel the pull more than ever in the coming weeks to clear your auric field.

There’s a serious pull from all of the Taurus energy we are experiencing to ground ourselves, clear our space, and secure our field.

Allow yourself to be led, as this is all in alignment with what is to come.

Pluto Retrogrades in Aquarius until June 11th, and this only amplifies our need to nest and secure. If you are pulled to a clearing ritual around this time, pay attention to what comes through because, with the deep release, there will be meaningful and possibly long-awaited manifestations that come through. 

Try saying this as you clear your space in order to direct the energy flow and maximize clearing:

In love and light, I clear this space, so that only peace, joy, productivity, and love can dwell here. And so it is.

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