How To Survive & Thrive During The Time Change

As Spring is a really powerful time of rebirth and renewal, daylight savings prior to the Spring Equinox can feel a little tricky. You see, the equinox (March 20th) is when we naturally return to our deep connection to the sun and its life-giving rays, but it is also a shift into Divine Masculine Energy

This is a good thing, but as the daylight savings shift occurs, so can energy leakage as we are disrupting this natural flow on the physical level. We are often under-rested and over-stressed with the change of "time," like we've missed something or overlooked important parts of our usual routine. The pineal gland, which is also known as the seat of consciousness, or the Third Eye, is very heavily affected by daylight savings as its physical job is to produce melatonin.


This hormone supports our third eye and not just our sleep. By adjusting the time even just one hour, we can often feel irritated for a period of time, perhaps even spiritually blocked, and yes, robbed of necessary energy prior to its naturally scheduled shift. It’s vital to protect your field by chartering more rest whenever possible, eating foods that come from the earth, and connecting more deeply to spiritual practices like meditation

I will often use a Labradorite on the nightstand or even under my bed to counter these effects as much as possible. This is because Labradorite is excellent when it comes to aiding energetic leakage of any kind.

Don't let its dreamy Northern lights patterns and sheen fool you, this one is incredibly grounding and edifying. Not just a pretty face, this stone has a constantly supportive vibration.

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