How To Use Obelisks In Your Home & Workplace

When it comes to clearing and protection, Obelisk crystals are the crème de la crème. These powerful stones are fantastic for meditation and gridding the home, but that's only the beginning...

 Obelisk crystals are especially effective at dispelling negative or low vibration as this form amplifies the highest intention through its apex. Point crystals are incredible for directing energy toward or away from your field.

These shapes can transform the energy of a room and your field, and you'll quickly discover that the uses are endless.

The first steps in owning and using an Obelisk are cleansing, setting an intention, and finding the perfect spot for it to rest. I personally love cleansing new crystals with Selenite, as it clears out the clouded mind and has the purest vibration.

If you have Selenite in your collection, try intuitively waving it over your Obelisk or setting the Obelisk on top or next to this incredible stone.

You can also cleanse your Obelisk by allowing it to rest under the moonlight in a safe space overnight or in the sunlight for a few hours.

The next step is to set an intention for your Obelisk, and I strongly recommend you consider the material properties of your unique stone during this process. Does it include Fluorite? If so, think about any stagnant mental patterns in your life that you'd like to improve or enhance while holding the crystal. 

Now, in terms of accessing an Obelisk's clearing and protective powers, there are a few notable methods, including the doorway technique and visualization.

The visualization method is excellent for when we want to invite healing into our physical, mental, or spiritual bodies. Turn your senses inward and try to identify the source of your pain, then place the base of your Obelisk on that area and envision the stone removing and releasing any negativity.

The doorway method is an ancient practice that can bring immense balance and serenity to a space. If you'd like to purify and enlighten your home or workspace, grab a pair of Obelisks that resonate with your intentions and place them on either side of a threshold. This seemingly simple action locks in an energy exchange that blocks any unintentional or potentially harmful presence from entering your space.

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