June's New Moon in Gemini

We’ve got a potent, ultra-healing New Moon in Gemini on June 17th - 18th, and I am so here for it.

It truly feels like as we excavate deep into our own personal truth, the results are incredibly positive and abundant right now.

However, before I go deeper into this, I feel like the next bit of information is really important to note.

On July 17, 2023, the Lunar Nodes will shift onto the Aries-Libra axis for the first time since 2014.

With the north node (the future) in fiery Aries and the south node (the past) occupying relationship-conscious Libra, themes will focus on autonomy, independent goal setting, and personal wins

To put it bluntly, this is a time when we are given the opportunity to succeed at manipulating our own energy regardless of others' intentions. It's personal freedom - for real. Massive changes relating to our soul contracts and relationship alliances will come through loud and clear.

This all started with a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 and culminated on October 14 with a second solar eclipse in Libra. The path of totality (AKA the path where the eclipse is most visible) forms a cosmic diagonal across the United States. Yep, it isn't that people in other countries won't feel this. They will. It's that the ripple effects start here and emanate outward and FAST.

The North Node is mythologized as the head of a hungry dragon and enters Aries. The South Node (the tail of that dragon) will enter Libra at the same time. I'm telling you, I am so here for this and not because I'm a Libra, but because all of the work that you've been doing on yourself is about to come full circle. 

There will be synchronicities, karmic transactions, and rewards you never thought were coming. This will span months, so settle in. I believe this is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, and the alarm clock is ringing.

So, whether you're a morning person or not, this will have us all waking up to the reality that we are capable and ready for so much more. And I know some of us are tired, but the Universe will recognize this too and give you respite in the form of abundance. You're going to be more than okay.

But it's these upcoming New and Full Moon phases through October that will truly hold so much information. The key will be absolute honesty and to allow yourself to be as curious as possible. 

The Moon In Motion

As I've said before, Saturn also goes retrograde on the 17th and will have a pretty intense Karmic spin. So much will come to light, and you will continue to see Karma play out in some pretty creative ways. Yes, I said creative. If you've been doing personal work around truly feeling that your needs matter, the Universe will reciprocate right now. She may send you a new job offer, some kudos at work, or perhaps a new high-paying client, and to me, this feels swift.

My advice is to keep working on understanding the past and any traumatic events from your teenage years, as this will hold information about the stories and timelines that need to retire right now. 

Get curious about what makes you tick and what notions about yourself you can finally let go. And it doesn't get lost on me that some of us will be going through difficult financial times right now. Turning inward and seeing what old stories must retire will be even more critical. 

Have you always believed that you weren't "good with money"? Did this come from parents? Were you conditioned to fear failure, so you never really tried? Or maybe you deem yourself "unlucky." These next five months are here to prove to you that you are absolutely capable of taking risks and winning. But it could take a toll if you're masking any truth, so sit with the difficult feelings and acknowledge them as they come through.

I've also been urging clients to think back to 2020 and 2008, as so many themes from these two time frames will come through now. Both held some shifts in government and how our lives were governed on a personal level. 

As Pluto settles into Capricorn (June 11), it will show us some fundamental imbalances around power and control. These imbalances will begin to be rectified in the months ahead and into January 2024

The moon phases these next six months will hold some serious juice. Try your best to stay open to the lessons embedded in these shifts, and when I say timelines will sync up, I mean it's like the old story can finally retire so a new, more abundant one can emerge. 

You will be urged to link the distant past to the present moment through reflection and contemplation, or it may just come through your awareness unexpectedly. Warning: It can feel really jarring, but ultimately that's the call for us to let go and let in. It will be better not to grip tightly as the Universe has some intricate plans. Just let her take the wheel.

June New Moon Ritual

You're correct if you feel like you're starting from nothing or that life has been overwhelming lately. We are all being strongly urged to tap into the ongoing frequency within us and redirect its flow

This is where autonomy and freedom intersect with the belief that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in order to manifest the life you want and deserve. You can create from the invisible and interrupt the spin you've been stuck in. 

Here are some mantras to help you along:

I am open to expanding fully in love. 

I am open to fully expanding in awareness. 

I am open to full expanding in purpose. 

This New Moon in Gemini shows us both sides of what was and what could be. We just have to be curious and perhaps brave enough to look. Any manifestation ritual would be amazing this time around. I will be writing down ten things (in the present tense) that I would like to accomplish and connect them to the word "why."

For example:

I am independently wealthy, so I provide my daughters with a life they can truly flourish in. It's my right as their mother to be able to give them all they will ever need to embody their highest selves.

Or here's another around love and relationships:

I am loved beyond measure by a partner who is true and honest so that I can feel safe and secure. I am beyond deserving of someone who sees my worth.

You get the idea. Just write ten things out that you desire AND deserve. Read this weekly as a part of your weekend rest. Maybe keep this list through October and then burn or save it in a sacred space however you are pulled.

New Moon Crystal Prescription: Ruby, Ruby Kyanite, & Apatite

Your crystal prescription this week is RubyRuby Kyanite, and Apatite.

Ruby is one of the most powerful heart healers on the planet. I know that’s a bold statement, but this stone really has some power behind it. It works on self-sabotage and emotional imbalances, all while grounding the wearer in confidence.

Ruby and Kyanite make an incredible combination, as Kyanite amplifies your intuitive gifts, helps to contact spirit guides, and clears your pathways and meridians.

Finally, Apatite attunes us to our future while also connecting us to past lives and aiding in the release of confusion, apathy, and anger. It enhances communication and opens up the Throat Chakra.

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