Manifest and Create with New Moon Practices

We've got a New Moon coming up on the 14th of September, and it will be really important to slow down and reflect on intentions in the week ahead.

In the last newsletter, we discussed Jupiter in Taurus hopping into retrograde motion and how that will affect us on a deep level of joy and expansion.

The movement draws us inward so that we can manifest our dream life outwardly, but how do we practice going "inward' and is this even possible during a Mercury Retrograde like the one we are still in? The answer is yes, we can, and even more so, as this retrograde season is all about reevaluating what matters most.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Keep Small, Simple Promises to Yourself

Taurus is known for a slower, more luxurious pace, but I don’t think this is entirely true, as it isn't just about luxury but rather consistency in the way we take care of ourselves.

Suppose you’re sticking to nightly skin care, changing sheets once a week, abstaining from toxic gossip, keeping up with medical appointments you've been neglecting, or simply getting enough sleep nightly. In that case, these are all small promises that we can keep to facilitate self-trust and self-worth. This is a clear line to expansion that sets the stage for the life we want and deserve to manifest readily.

2. Prioritize Self-Evaluation and Awareness

Why do we do what we do, fear what we fear, and crave what we crave? Sometimes, the answers are unclear, but the fact that we are who we are remains. Check in with yourself to discover likes, dislikes, and unwavering preferences, as doing so will show you where your convictions AND your intentions lie.

 When we know this about ourselves, we can better direct the flow of our energy to get what we desire, and more readily, the path to get there will be revealed.

Build more quiet time into your daily routine so that you can become centered on discerning triggers. This effort creates an ecosystem in our field that facilitates breakthroughs and intuitive hits, allowing us to pivot when necessary. This New Moon would also be a great time to dive deeper into therapy or reading material around self-awareness and self-healing regarding our emotions and their origin.

3. Nurture Abundance by Nurturing Gratitude

We’re currently resting in a prime dispensation of time to bolster or create a gratitude practice. It can be super simple, like a nightly walk or just stating three things you are grateful for upon waking.

You don't have to overcomplicate this with written lists, but you sure can if you like. We expand when we're thankful, and as the great benefactor, Jupiter is seeking to expand us now, so why not amplify his gift-giving by being grateful preemptively? This way, we just end up receiving more and more; bring on all the good honey!

4. Evaluate Where You Can Cut Losses or Release Unnecessary Distractions

In order to create a void for the Universe to fill, we must let go of something first. It's something released, then something given when it comes to this type of energy. And just as much as Jupiter loves some gratitude practice, he also loves it when you create boundaries and stop sweating the small stuff.

In his retrograde motion, he wants to focus on the good stuff, not anything derailing you from that. This would be a powerful time to connect to interpersonal boundaries, cut out low vibrational habits, and create a practice where you check in with your needs first. What lights you up? What drains you? Jupiter wants to know so that YOU finally know and get the life you've always deserved

This can be such a powerful and beautiful time if we allow it. I'll create more videos around this on social media in the coming days, but for now, the mantra "I open my eyes, heart, and mind to experiencing myself and the world around me in fullest expression and joy" seems extra fitting, no?

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