March's Full Moon in Virgo

March's Full Moon in Virgo


There is a lot of positivity around this full moon - increased clarity, plan implementation, attracting abundance, and meaningful connections with loved ones, but this doesn't happen until AFTER Saturn says so. I'll explain.

This is going to be quite a busy month, rich with new energy and continuous shifts. We've got a full moon in Virgo kicking this off on March 7, 2023, at 7:40 AM EST. All zodiac signs will feel like their lives are changing on a profoundly personal level. And that's because they are!

The moon phase in February gave us some clues as to what was coming, but none of us could have prepared for the shifts happening in March. And before you say it, change is always occurring within our fields, but certain astrological events make change feel much more poignant and powerful. Enter Saturn.

On the same day as our Full moon in Virgo, Saturn, the planet of rules and responsibility, changes signs and enters Pisces - where it will remain for almost three years. This will be an incredible time of healing for our insecurities stemming from self-worth. We'll receive closure in many areas and, at the same time, will be closing some doors of our own. Whether it's over-extending yourself in a partnership or simply not getting the answers you've been waiting on in other areas, a prominent and continuous life force drain gets repaired once and for all. This is Saturn's jam. As the King of Karma, this planet loves to restore the overdue, even if it means using astrological astringent on old wounds. Ouch. You will be shown in no uncertain terms what needs to change and may subconsciously feel unsettled and not truly know why without some deep introspection. This peaks at our Full Moon on March 7th; for some, it can even peak before March 3rd. Some of us may resist what we must do to align with a higher timeline, while others will feel relief that what's been hiding is now in the open and they can finally advance and get shit done. And it must be said; this is a time to show up for yourself first, even if it means bruising others' egos a little. They'll get over it, trust me. 
So what I'm telling you is that literally less than an hour after the Virgo Full Moon, Saturn moves into Pisces. And if I sound overly dramatic, I have to say this is one of the most significant cosmic events of 2023. Saturn has been chilling in Aquarius since December 2020 but is now hopping into Pisces, and that just amped up its clearing and "teaching" properties. Like I said before, Saturn is known as the planet of karma, and it tends to stir the pot when we've been resisting learning or refusing to grow from hard lessons. As Saturn prepares to leave one sign of the zodiac for the next, it always leaves a shiny karmic nugget for us to examine and hold. Learn that lesson and apply the knowledge, and perhaps you've got an extra abundance nugget. Refuse to see things objectively through the sense of self-awareness, and you've got a repeat lesson nugget served up extra spicy. 
At any rate, and on either side of the karmic token, we can expect to experience themes around personal boundaries, our own spiritual growth, and how we express our emotional needs as well as needs around our own mental health. Say what you mean, but be concise because Saturn has no tolerance for any of that flowery bullshit. Put your needs out there. You deserve to be seen and heard - and to heal! We've got moves to make this month, remember? 

The Moon In Motion

And speaking of moves, we've got two conjunctions on March 2nd that provide insight and possibly some really productive conversation. Mercury conjunct Saturn brings about some serious words, while Venus conjunct Jupiter brings about fun, new experiences. It's like the Universe is setting the stage for getting to the bottom of an issue before the Full Moon and then celebrating in the weeks after. It could mean an incredible session during therapy, or it could signify a different type of discussion that leaves us clear-headed and ready to dive into personal or professional work. At any rate, I'm so here for it. 

Lastly, and I know this is a lot, feelings of clarity will be of utmost importance right now. You may be drawn to organizing physical, financial, or timing-related aspects of your life. Don't be surprised if you are pulled to organize everything chaotic or disorganized, as this is super on brand with Saturn. Try your best to step into the flow, but give yourself plenty of time to get projects done and take breaks for sleep and nourishment. Scheduled breaks and packing something extra in your lunch on busy days are simple ways to create continuous momentum because you'll feel settled and prepared. Saturn likes to simplify and streamline, so lean in with that nourishing self-care honey

The bottom line is that you are clearing up your emotional energy to receive greater peace and abundance. It's time to start believing you are worthy of this. You so got this.

March Full Moon Ritual

For my ritual this month, I'm writing ten separate intentions and placing them under a double-terminated quartz point (overnight) on the night of the Full Moon. I will read these aloud in the morning and then bring them during a quiet moment. It's really important to do this when energy is settled and not during a chaotic time like the morning rush so that the double terminated point can do what it does best uninterrupted. At any rate, I'm going to burn my intention paper during daylight hours. After burning, I will take a moment for gratitude and express to the Universe that I trust what will come with the following mantra:

I am clearing my physical, emotional, and mental energy in preparation for receiving. This life is my best one yet. I am so grateful.

March Full Moon Tarot Card Pull

Tarot Card
The Moon. This card is a little complex and perhaps signifies uncertainty, which is because you're not "supposed to know" everything at this time. The truth is being revealed, but we must pass through feelings and experiences for it to sink in and change us. The Moon Card beckons us to stay open to information and sternly tells us we must trust our intuition now. The only way is through

Full Moon Crystal Prescription: Double Terminated Crystals

Double terminated crystals have a point at each end; this shape allows their energy to flow both ways, making them quintessential tools for energy healing and all kinds of vibrational practices
These crystals absorb energy at one point, transform it, and emanate it at the other, resulting in a unique transmutation process specific to the holder and their needs. These double-ended powerhouses can be formed naturally deep within the earth or physically cut and polished to this shape. Either way, they're must-haves for clearing and manifestation.

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