May's Full Moon in Scorpio

We’ve got a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 6th. On this incredibly powerful culmination, we will also experience a Lunar Eclipse which will add to the expansive nature of this moon threefold. 

Everything will feel bigger, the good, the bad, and the unknown. This moon is asking us to be really vulnerable as we explore themes around revising our schedules, our physical bodies (specifically the pelvic bowl and reproductive organs), and our subconscious beliefs around the way we attach to others or ideas about ourselves.

You may be pulled to changing your physical space or adopting a new routine by cutting out old habits in your life. You may even be pulled to changing the way you operate altogether, the deeper the embedded patterns, the larger the transformation.

This can feel a little dark because we'll be faced with the uncomfortable, and honestly, the eclipse only adds another layer of intensity.

For example, I have been faced with adding personal boundaries to the way I communicate with someone in my life. On one hand, I don’t want to be rude and want to always seem helpful, on the other I can literally feel my life force drain every time I receive a text asking me to go to lengths that are just not ever reciprocated. This is playing up on my subconscious need to always be the good girl, useful, and worthy. I chose to draw a line and it was really hard. They didn’t take it well. But me, I quite literally feel physically lighter.

This is just one example of how this Lunar Eclipse is all about letting go. As it's in Scorpio, a transformational sign, we are more deeply being asked to revise our current life paths.

This person and I will probably never be the same again, but as this moon is releasing energy connected to the pelvic bowl/Sacral Region, my act of release also conjured so much creativity and ideas for new projects the same day. The. Same. Day. That morning I had a difficult discussion, that afternoon it was onto the next creative project which quickly spawned others. Maybe it was a coincidence, but maybe that connection also served as a blockage. It’s okay to let go now. The Universe is giving you permission friend.

If you have lots of Scorpio or Taurus in your chart, you will feel this deeply. With my six Scorpio placements, this feels like it started really early for me but I’m here for it.

The entire month of May will illuminate more than we thought and the ripples will be felt into 2024, so please pay attention if you feel these activations randomly.

There will be endings coming up just about everywhere, and not all will be teary. The Lunar Eclipse is the absolute peak of this cycle and it happens closest to the South Node, so undoubtedly some endings will be connected to family, the home, and past betrayal.

What are we moving away from? What is home transforming to? What roles are you having to give up to be happy? You will have so many shifts happening within your field that it will be very difficult to tolerate anyone whose vibration is low or just not aligning with yours. It’s like our Torus fields are being exercised a little extra with all of these shifts and they will yearn for nature or just about any connection to Divine Light or Source Energy.

You just won’t have any patience for bullshit or those spewing it. Going to any extremes will feel foreign and you may instinctively be pulled to reeling your energy in or preserving it. Buy a house plant, go on a hike, sit outside at lunch, I don’t care what it is, just disconnect from time to time. Your field will thank you.

And with all of this change, there will be plenty of serendipity. The Universe doesn’t leave us to flail, it wants us aligned.

Uranus will pop into Taurus on May 16th and it becomes even more apparent that the change that we want for ourselves is also the change that we are nudged (and for some forced) into.

And during this moon phase and subsequent shift, Lilith will definitely be out to play. This is the placement in your chart that connects to the way you stand up for yourself. She is rage, revenge, and justice. For lack of a better term, Lilith may be “triggered" into full expression as this moon will have some opposition with this placement.

It will be a complex but illuminating dance. Check your Lilith placement for clues, and if your Lilith matches the zodiac placement of your Sun sign, then you will definitely be urged to use your voice. The changes may come blindingly fast but will be oh-so edifying.

So if you have pending legal proceedings and need some truth to come through, this is a great time to hash things out. Spicy eclipse vibes indeed.

The Moon In Motion

Adding to the spice is Neptune. This planet is preparing to station retrograde in June but we get a bit of a preview now. It will trigger our need to love and be loved. What happens now in our relationships is meant to show us our own patterns and maladaptive attachment styles.

It will feel like a moment of clarity and for those looking to grow and expand in relationship, this will be quickly assimilated into the field. You will find out someone's true intentions in a relationship and it will cause you to pivot away or towards the relationship, but I really feel like there is no in-between.

I expect this emotional shift within days of the Full Moon, it just feels fast and quite necessary. Honestly, you'll receive this like you would a meal at a drive-thru, so just take it and consume it on the go. 

And speaking of looking ahead, I can honestly say that this shift is a quick and intense one on purpose. Its effects last and it only gets better from here.\

The Universe isn't really giving us much time to negotiate right now, I know. But it's a good thing. There have been too many times you've talked yourself out of changing because it's scary or you're unsure. This may just be the domino push we've needed all along.

May Full Moon Ritual

Get out in nature or listen to some 528Hz music. This is so needed as we feel the need to recalibrate right now.

Allow your breath to slow down as you relax your body and notice the void you feel between breaths. The part where you are not inhaling or exhaling, this is the part where we connect to the expansive nature of the Universe at large.

 Write down any downloads or thoughts that come through as they are undoubtedly clues for your benefit. What you write down doesn't have to make sense at the time so don't overthink, just note it. Hold onto this as you navigate our eclipse season, and perhaps reference it when you feel pulled to. 

This is a ritual around expansion and just staying open to what comes through, letting it lead you to places you've never been.

May Full Moon Tarot Card Pull

Ace of Pentacles is the card of new opportunity and is indicative of new beginnings. It draws on us to go deep into the earth and our own core to nourish what must grow. It tells us we must let go of the old, no matter how seductive, and nourish new ways which will bring unseen prosperity at this time. 

tarot card

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