May's New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus on May 19th is one of those starts to yet ANOTHER game-changing cycle. Remember the one in April? Well, we're upping the ante and I think you're going to like it. It's like the Universe is yelling "YOU WILL KNOW YOUR WORTH AFTER I'M DONE WITH YOU!" It's funny though, she doesn't do this with hard lessons, or yet another round of Karmic connections as she did in April. Nope, she's taking another route.

You don’t have to work as hard to be seen under this lunation. This is because, with the help of Jupiter in Taurus, we take a good look at ourselves and realize we don’t just bring something to the table, but rather bring the whole damn table, place settings, and chairs.

This begins something incredible. I know that’s a bold and quite general statement, but EVERYONE will be affected by this to some degree or another.

And this may just offer up an incredibly opportune time for you to say what you mean or come through with anything that you’ve been sweeping under the rug.

This is because with Mercury going direct after probably one of the most annoying retrogrades to date, we will all finally be capable of speaking what’s on our hearts.

The Moon In Motion

Mercury retrogrades can leave us tongue-tied or worse, argumentative and directionless in conversation. But in the planet's direct motion, the truth will come out and you’ll be more capable of putting into words what you’ve wanted to for some time. 

Express yourself around this lunation, seriously - even if it hurts them. Mercury is giving you the green light to speak. Venus boosts this too as she is always friendly with the Moon and Taurus offers up grounded, necessary vibration.

Set the intention of truth and rooted honesty, that of your highest expression of self. Know your value and do not compromise by betraying your needs or connection to self-worth.

Stop telling yourself that this is it and that you’ve been given just as you deserve because there is more for you. I would even say, dare to amplify your self-worth by expanding your self-knowledge.

What do you actually like to do on the weekends? What are your preferences when it comes to self-care, your work, or even sex? Dig deeper to connect with what you want because this is the time that it gets defined and implemented.

How can you mold and manifest all of this after the chaos of Mercury Retrograde? Well, it must first be said that if you find yourself picking up the proverbial pieces after this retrograde, you’re actually in luck.

It’s like the Universe tore it all apart so you could examine what you want and what you don’t. She sort of shook us out like a dirty rug, I’ll give you that. But now it’s like we get to toss what needs to go and decide where our energy flows. Molding and manifesting indeed.

And I don’t know about you but I feel like the dense energy is shifting within me as well. I'm still pulled to fresh food, more enjoyable forms of exercise, deliberate alone time recalibrating my field, and of course beautifying my space. This is the influence of our Taurus New Moon as Taurus relates to food, money, and value.

Here are some of the mantras I’ve been using in the form of some “I” statements that connect and ground me to my highest expression.

I willingly draw in love and expansion in all forms.

I seek expanded consciousness rooted in love and abundance.

I am provided every opportunity to expand and succeed.

May New Moon Ritual

The ritual this New Moon is one where you will write down what you love using such I statements. This is designed to draw on even more of this loving abundant energy.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Number your paper 1 -21. This means you are writing down 21 “I” statements, still following? Good.

Now simply let your mind go blank and write down something like, “I love it when I get a parking spot up close.” Or try, “I love it when my children open up to me and share what’s on their hearts.” Or you could even go with, “I love it when I wake up feeling confident.” And yes, you have to do all 21 and get through this in one sitting.

So make time and be deliberate because the Universe and your Higher Self are primed to listen to what you value right now.

May New Moon Tarot Card Pull

tarot card

The tarot card I pulled for this edition of our newsletter is the Ace of Swords. It signifies clarity and breakthroughs but oftentimes AFTER miscommunication or argument.

It depicts a hand emerging from the clouds, much like us emerging from a retrograde that really kept us from seeing fully into the distance or even the near future. This one is all about facing and communicating, which sounds about right for our current planetary aspects.


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