February 2023 New Super Moon in Pisces

We’ve got a New Super Moon in Pisces on February 19th, and it feels pretty damn amazing. The moon is very close to the Earth in orbit from the 19th through the 20th, which is why it earns the “super” title.

This aspect will add even more to elevated energy and new ideas, marking the end of certain cycles easier as the month rolls on. Everything is amplified during a Super Moon, and in my opinion, things happen much, much less by chance.

So, say goodbye or break off old contracts already; March is so primed for change that there really is no point in wasting time. I’ll tell you what I mean by this.

This moon is exceptionally collaborative and continues to really assist in clearing our karmic cycles. Still, if we did some clearing in the last four weeks, we will see some new ideas, people, and opportunities coming in. We are gearing up for a massive shift in energy during March, and I feel like this New Moon serves as a bridge. I cannot emphasize enough that there will be so many people coming together in like-minded ways, and this simply feels like it came out of nowhere. Our thirst for learning and expansion will be climbing these next few weeks, so if you’ve had the inclination to reach out to a teacher or collaborate with a friend to teach in some way, I say do it! The synergy is unreal right now.

As we are coming up on shift after shift lately, it will make us feel more tired at this time. If you have been keenly focused on your spiritual evolution, this moon phase will inevitably affect your sleep. Leading up to this New Moon, you are sure to feel restless, but as I said, as it approaches, our creativity and hunger for collaboration come into play. Creative thinking and creative collaborations will appear, and whether tired or not, you will have some decisions to make. This is the perfect time to act on new ideas or, at the very least, explore them.

Pay attention to what your life force is being drawn to at this time. Those working in energetic arts or spirituality may experience initiations, downloads, activations, and ignitions in their gifts. This could also pull you into deeper states of knowing that offer insight you may not be used to; this can be exhausting. This energy intensifies through March, but by then, it makes us more confident in our gifts and purpose. In the meantime, don’t even think about denying your gifts, as this dispensation of time is so nurturing to our intuition. If you have Pisces in your Rising, Moon, Sun, or Venus placements, you will feel the positive effects of this New Moon even more. You may also feel more easily overwhelmed as you are attuned to all of these shifts. Think of it this way; there will be more opportunities for receiving. However, this receiving energy will demand your stillness the next three weeks. Meditation will absolutely be key, and the way you speak to yourself will be of utmost importance. Our minds will be so busy expanding at a more rapid speed than usual, so we must allow the body to rest through meditation or other nervous system calming practices.

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