Planting Seeds for Personal Growth

We at My Metaphysical Maven would love to express acknowledgment of the importance of what today is. In 1980, Texas became the first state to designate Juneteenth as a holiday, and as the rest of the states commemorate this pivotal time today, we continue to see changes come in waves

Today we celebrate freedom. Happiest Juneteenth to you.

Astrologically, today marks a planting of seeds that continue to flourish in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

Our New Moon brought in so much abundance that you will begin to see the fruits of this as soon as in the next seven days.

Jupiter is sextile Saturn today, and this is a really powerful aspect. This particular cycle started the last ten days of December 2020, the 21st to be exact.

These days held so much truth and maybe difficult conversations.

Were there any relationships ending? How about business, did you switch careers? How was your power being asserted? Did you ask for what you wanted?

This dispensation of time was actually creating the foundation you stand on now. What has changed since then? The obvious answer might be EVERYTHING in lieu of the pandemic but try to dive a little deeper and get more specific.

For me, it was my divorce. Yep, I officially got divorced within the last ten days of 2020. I separated from a life I knew and reunited with myself. It wasn’t pretty, but it was oh-so-necessary.

Today marks a rare and powerful aspect that will continue to help you connect to consistent dedication in achieving your goals. It's like we can finally connect to optimism and realism, security and growth, and really, truly, learn from our past mistakes.

There's an opportunity to create something valuable in your life that will last a lifetime. These next few weeks will be filled with clues and opportunities but will also lead us to consistent efforts and our own determination. I love it.

You'll want to really watch how you speak to yourself in the coming thirty days, and if those who drain your energy come through more often, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

Saturn is in retrograde, and this ultra-karmic planet can take things quite literally right now. The tapping method or some select positive affirmations will be really useful right now. Even if it feels foreign, say them out loud. Your higher Self and the Universe are always listening! Perhaps try tapping on the forehead and then the sternum as you say any of these three mantras:

I am loved beyond measure and seen for my worth.

I am rich with all that I could ever need and continuously protected.

I am creative in my efforts as I build a life I love that loves me back.

You get the idea. I will "tap these in" three times a day whenever I sit down for a meal or if I'm taking a break from writing or sessions. I find that it helps me to reset and commit to another track that serves me more and perhaps better. 

This is truly an incredible time for co-creation on a divine level. You're continuing to build on a strong foundation, and the Summer Solstice on June 21st will hold immense healing and power in connecting to your highest timeline. 

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