Pluto Settling Into Aquarius

After our lengthy newsletter on Monday I wanted to follow up and touch on some key points when it comes to Pluto settling into Aquarius on January 20th. I have to first say that although he is technically the god of the underworld, Pluto’s influence isn’t restricted to destruction.

This planet also plays a role in the way we come back from such situations, and this year may be a “come back” year for you or the ones you love.

This rebound allows us to transform and evolve, plus it gives us the space and the help to do so. For some, it may even set the stage for an incredible moment to be seen and recognized this year.

And even though Pluto is the furthest spinning planet in our solar system, and we don’t always feel its influence, the results are rather permanent or at least longer lasting.

And Aquarian energy is innovative and sparks new life where there was destruction before, this only supports the notion that positive changes that happen this year will have some serious staying power. Sounds good to me. 

This will push progress in our society as a whole as well, but it will push you personally even more towards defining your true core values. I jokingly told a friend that this year we will all be on a proverbial scavenger hunt to find what matters most, as that desire will be the common thread in everyone’s life it seems. 
And I have to say that if you are in a negotiation to some degree or another, there will likely be pushback and conflict before resolution is found. That shapes the staying power I was referring to before. Do not be fearful if you experience what seems like serious pushback during this transit. Chances are it could be a moment for hidden truths to come through, or for you to establish deeper belief in your self-worth. Allow it. 
This energy will constantly be working from behind the scenes for the next six months and although I don’t know what that means exactly for you, I do know what you can avoid right now in order to make this transit the best yet.
Do Not:
Ignore or put off your finances right now. Take an honest look at what you earn versus what you spend. And if you are resistant to this, get even more curious as this could be holding the key to your next level of abundance and freedom.
Neglect your living or office space. This is an extension of your energy after all. In my last Newsletter I talked about deeper and more meaningful self-care, this includes those spaces as well.
Overcommit or hyper-schedule your time. See above for the other self-care reference and know that as shifts happen and you are hyper-scheduled, it will be difficult to make sound choices about your future. Stay grounded and not overcommitted friend.
Say no to invitations or close yourself off from going new places/meeting new people. This transit will be honing in on bringing you innovative energy, you may need to meet new and innovative people to achieve this. Go out and be merry friend.
Pluto is one of the more intense planets in astrology, and honestly it has slowly become one of my favorites. It may behave like a representation of destruction, and the underworld but in reality, it is clearing away dead weight from where it has been hiding or too stubborn to leave on its own. 
And whether we’re ready for it or not, it is shifting aspects of our lives once again, but absolutely for the better. Expect to feel frustrated at times, but more free than you have been over the last few years. On a personal level it will remind us of our strengths and that we do have to dig deep to unearth potential, in Aquarius this could very well prove to be a new sense of self that is unwavering and more abundant than before.
Collectively, we can expect major breakthroughs in technology, best practices when it comes to medicine, ethical questions and answers as it pertains to artificial intelligence, the importance of family and work balance coming through in the workforce, scientific discoveries where it comes to our past and rectifying truth around this past, as well as truth coming through about sexual predators in the media and those associated with their crimes. These are just the themes I’ve been mediating on as of late, there could definitely be more coming through however. 
On January 12, 2020, we experienced a Pluto and Saturn conjunction that shifted our lives forever. I honestly don’t know if this conjunction will be of that magnitude when it comes to our health and physical freedom, but it will affect the way we judge the actions of those in authority.
If you read my last Newsletter, you know I stressed the importance of grounding and staying on top of energetic drain. As these themes play out collectively it will be even more important to do so. In the end, the right energy always comes through, but it is still so important to protect and honor yours.
Aquarian energy is here to push progress and we are in a unique position to find unity and solace where it matters most.
Pluto settling into Aquarius for the span of the next 20 years will bring renewal and an opportunity to shine, even in the dark. You are absolutely made for this friend. 


I am worthy of the love and light the Universe brings, even when it's dark. 
I am worthy of the endless options the Universe brings, even when they're hidden.  
I am worthy of the ease and luxury the Universe brings, even when I'm spent. 

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