Redefining What It Means To Feel At Home

As we continue our journey with Venus in Cancer you may feel your body craving another level of comfort and stability.

Sure, your bed might have always been your sanctuary but as this eclipse season rolls on, maybe you’ve been thinking about buying new sheets or really making this space a little more sacred with candles, plants, or a deep cleaning.

You may also be pulled in different directions when it comes to your tastes and cravings. What was once a point of validation will seem like lacks flavor and substance, and your body will show you this by being pulled in the direction that feeds you on a soul level.

This happens because our bodies are constantly serving as barometers for how we feel and what is brewing internally. I always get a sore throat when I’m resisting speaking my truth. And my lower back flares up when I’m faced with financial challenges.

Our bodies truly do keep the score. In the coming weeks, you may be curious about trying new things or going back to what worked once before. For example, you may realize that overworking or hyper-scheduling is getting you nowhere, so you may be magnetized to a lifestyle change that aligns with more of a flow state. 

Whether it’s for your comfort, or the comfort of your family and loved ones, do not feel guilty if you seek to feel loved and another source of stability at this time. This is your field aligning with the current vibrational shift.

Here is a list of ideas that will help you to draw on love, stability, and a redefined meaning of what it means to feel at home:

1. Write a love note to yourself or someone you hold dear, making sure you identify what they mean to you and in the light that you see them.

2. Hold hands with or hug a friend or loved one for at least 20 seconds.

3. Eat breakfast in bed and cuddle with a pet or loved one, or simply read leisurely afterward allowing your field to stabilize and regulate before starting the day.

4. Get outside and have a picnic lunch, dining in nature connects us to our natural and highest selves.

5. Nest indoors and rearrange some furniture or grab a new blanket for the couch, perhaps even dedicate it to bringing in more cuddle time or rest.

6. Go out with friends when invited. This could bring in new connections and an opportunity for physical contact and friendly banter.

7. Rework your closet for the upcoming season so as to make your items more accessible and put away cold weather articles for next year. Dedicate this as an act of self-love and streamlining your workweek routine.

8. Break a sweat, but do it your way. Try intuitive movement, hiking, or simply taking a walk with or without pets, and tune into what feels good for you.

9. Write a list of what turns you on, this could be with a partner, what ignites you in business, and simply what you love to do in your spare time. It sends a message to the universe that you want more of this indoor life.

10. Make a playlist of your favorite feel-good songs and frequencies. You are more intuitive than you think and your field will thank you through elevated mood and general well-being when you listen to this curated list.

But whatever you do these next few weeks, do it your way. You are the authority on what is for you and what isn’t, and you deserve the absolute best. 

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