Rhodochrosite: A Teacher of the Heart

Rhodochrosite is my first love when it comes to crystals. I discovered it in Thailand eight years ago and continue to use it every day. Its best feature is the power it emanates for the purpose of heart healing.

It’s a teacher of the heart by helping to remove denial and is said to assist in attracting your soulmate. It can clear the solar plexus and base chakras, thus stimulating emotional release and helping to confront fear. Its soft peach and pink hues and varied stone movement make for a beautiful aesthetic in any room. But its healing properties reverberate throughout the home constantly.

I am VERY picky about this stone as sometimes it is not what it seems, and there are fakes out there. I watch for the varied hues, the movement, the pattern, and the delicious color. In each listing, you can read about why I picked that particular stone and how its physical attributes will amplify its properties.

This is an excellent stone for meditation and healing from betrayal. It’s also the first stone I fell in love with on my crystal journey, and I continue to use this daily as I have my own statement piece on my personal closet altar.

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