Setting Up Your New Moon in Taurus Ritual

We've got our New Moon in Taurus tomorrow, and if you've been extra pulled to ritual around this earthy sign, you're right on brand. Setting up for your New Moon Circle is easier than you think. Here's your simple guide to connecting to this grounding energy through ritual:

First, select your space. It should feel calming and open, maybe somewhere with some natural light, even if you are doing this in the evening.

Next, cleanse your space. You can do this with a sound bowl, smoke clearing, or your favorite natural oil-based spray. 

Third, grab some crystals, candles, or flowers, and arrange them in a semi or full circle where you'll be writing your intentions. I have some crystal suggestions below, but pick what calls to you and just go with it

Arrange them in a way that is pleasing to you, and do not overthink

Then pull some oracle or tarot cards for inspiration before you start writing. This piece is optional but I find that it gets my intuitive juices flowing, and I feel more guided in my intentions

Now write those intentions and lead with love. In one of my recent videos on social media, I talked about writing 21 things that you love, but this can also be a list of items that you are called to but perhaps are hesitant to implement.

You can even ask for guidance here by asking the Universe to help you lead with love and then make your list of what you'd like to accomplish.

For example: "Universe, I ask you to help me lead with love and finish this long-standing project I've always wanted to do". Or maybe say something like, "Universe, help me to lead with love and see my full potential and attain a new level of abundance."

And always, always, end with gratitude. Say out loud what you are grateful for, or simply say, "I end this gorgeous ritual in gratitude with a full heart, and so it is". 

And remember, there really is no wrong way to connect to ritual as long as it feels aligned and true to you. This is your time to connect to the life that you've always wanted.

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