The Effects of Venus in Cancer

Venus settled into Cancer this weekend and you may have felt the shift. Perhaps you felt a stronger bond with loved ones, or perhaps you expressed a deeper need to forge one. At any rate, our connection to what we need in order to feel secure is deepening.

From May 7th to June 5th, we will experience larger peaks and valleys when it comes to love in the coming weeks. This is the Universe being less than conspicuous in showing us the source of our wounding and how to address it once and for all - with boundaries.

The collective is leveling up and you are no exception. This emotional sensitivity over the coming days will make you more intuitive and caring to partners, and you will crave this in return. Equal energetic exchange is the name of the game here.

As this transit will have our connections under a bit of a microscope, it will also awaken us to stability and security in business relationships as well. If you've been having a difficult time vocalizing needs or feelings, Venus really urges a grounded, patient vibration to do so. This may unearth the brave nature we all need to make bigger projects happen and to open up channels to earning we were once too afraid to choose for ourselves.

All of this may leave you vulnerable to feeling hurt, however, it needs to be expressed as anything that stems in the coming weeks will surely follow us in the coming eclipse season. This time will feel like we require more loyalty and affirmation in our relationships, so please don’t jump to labeling yourself as needy or dramatic. Just proceed in a grounded state and you can’t go wrong.

This is simply a more thought-provoking (and perhaps even sentimental) time that is giving us the bandwidth to find what we are dedicated to and what we are not, along with what makes us feel secure in all relationships.

Express yourself fully and with awareness. And if you feel the pull to nurture others more these days, you are very much on brand with this transit. Our purpose here is to love and be loved, and there is everything right with that.


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