The Unfolding Of January's New Moon in Capricorn

We've got our New Moon tomorrow and I won't lie, I'm so ready for this shift. Mercury re-enters Capricorn on Saturday the 13th, and we've got another wave of goal setting and goal getting upon us. This time it's all about abundance and what that means to you, however. It's also about working smarter and not harder, which I've been all about lately.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto on the 20th, which is only seven days later and the two go hand in hand into Aquarius. This will be addressed in another newsletter, but I am going to say that in my opinion, this will be one of the most positive and expansive transits of our lifetimes. There's a lot to cover, shall we?

Mercury in Capricorn cautions us to think before we leap and have a realistic viewpoint of what the hell it is we really want. The more plainly you set intentions, the better. If you want to pay off debt, say so. If you want to advance your education, start exploring those options.

This is very cut and dry energy that just keeps pushing (and at times pulling) us forward. This is about being grounded and realistic in our approach to the hard work that may be ahead, but be absolutely confident that who or whatever comes up is there to help you along the way. Seriously. 
People will be coming out of the woodwork, and it may even be individuals from your past - think friends or colleagues that you may have not seen for a while, but upon meeting it's like no time went by at all. Collaborations and agreements will be beyond amicable now, even sort of symbiotic - we love that. 
This aspect will also have the energy of structured communication weaved right in. You will have to get clear on emails, organize your calendar, and perhaps write things down or notate them so that you don't forget. Mercury is the planet of communication after all, and in Capricorn it is even more grounded and draws on professional results. 
This may not be favored by those who consider themselves free spirits or who dislike going by a schedule, but they too will have to align with this energy as it is pretty damn strong in the days to come and relentless when it comes to helping us attain results. Even the free spirited kind might be converted to using the calendar app in their phone or committing to appointments, and in doing so we allow things to move more smoothly and quite quickly. 
If you've had intuitive hits about calling on someone for collaboration or setting up a meeting at work, absolutely do so right now. Get clear on what you need to say and go for it, you've really got some backing from the Universe right now. And if you're not sure about a decision or direction at this time, feel free to make pros and cons lists at your leisure. Mercury in Capricorn loves to show us what can stay and what needs to go so that we don't waste precious life force, this will be an excellent way to determine what is for you at this time and may even spark new direction so that you can fully step into the next timeline with your head held high. 
Mercury will remain in Capricorn until February 5th where it will continue to sort out what is real and what is no longer relevant. This may not be a time where we get dreamy with desires, or loose with our words or promises, but it is a time where accuracy and precision become important as our new reality takes shape. You may have a fitness goal right now and see it really take shape into February and beyond. You may also realize that your schedule is changing during this transit and will have to really buckle down and assimilate to the way daily life takes shape. This is all part of the shift friend.
You may also embark on a certification, learn about a new subject, or become even more of an expert in your field as a part of the honing in on what is important right now. Your consistency and planning ahead will reap quick rewards and vibrationally, if you're in a position to have to be dependable, this also gets rewarded as the Universe returns this energy with some help from outside sources. 
Your dependability gets rewarded, friend. You so got this. Be aware of using cutting words or being too harsh at this time. Words can still be delivered with kindness and softness even though we are all aligning to some seriously productive timelines right now. Be aware of what you say and how you say it, and be kind whenever possible. 
You can really use this time period to solidify plans and create a new reality that truly suits you. You will have everything you need, even if it doesn’t seem clear right away. Our transit on January 20th will offer up even more support and light. I'll be discussing this soon, so be sure to check back on Monday. For now, here are some mantras to help you on your way. So much love to you friend.


Waves of truth and realization wash over me, as I fully take my next steps in becoming more abundant than I ever thought possible. 
Waves of love and care wash over me, as I fully take my next steps in becoming more loved and loving than I ever felt possible. 
Waves of creativity and expansion wash over me, as I fully take my next steps in becoming more enlightened than I ever believed possible. 

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