The Unfolding of Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Today we are officially all inhabitants of Mercury Retrograde Land and I have to say that I’m not too stressed about it this time. This one feels clearing and opening and all sorts of refurbishing. I personally don’t do well during Mercury Retrograde, but it was the shadow period that was enough to fill my retrograde cup this time.

I’m really feeling like this one may send you information that you could have been ruminating about all along and it could be incredibly helpful.

Definitely check back to past newsletters for all of my thoughts and tips. I really want to dive into Venus in Aries, as well as a preview of our solar eclipse in this edition, let’s dive in shall we?

This particular eclipse involves the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Aries together on the transiting North Node.

The North Node represents the direction we are being called to explore and ultimately actually become. This time it’s about what we are pulling INTO our lives rather than out of. 
Mercury, moving through its retrograde journey in Aries, will also connect us deeply with this solar eclipse. Aries energy is uncomplicated, clear, and direct. It tends to live in the present. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries naturally inherits confidence, focus, and desire to stand out instead of fearing or timid about being seen. It is bold, charismatic, passionate, and driven by the heart.
Because of this, I feel confident in saying that this eclipse is instrumental in a huge, pivotal, and beautiful redirection. Yes, it will be intense, but no, you don’t have to fear it. While we don’t know what will happen exactly, what we do know is that it will result in something deliciously healing. 
Think, truth, justice, honesty and freedom, meets beauty, tender mercies, and highest healing. I love it, and not so secretly I’m really looking forward to developments in both my personal life as well as in the collective.
This one will affect us profoundly, but as I said beautifully too. I will have more on this Wednesday, so check back then. For now let’s dive further into that Aries energy.
So on Monday, Apr 8, 2024, stretches of North America will be blanketed in darkness as the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth. And we will have ourselves a little eclipse, but before that happens, Venus will enter Aries herself on April 4th. Venus in Aries is bold and direct in matters of the heart, as well as matters around money. 
We may feel like we love the thrill of the chase and enjoy taking the initiative in relationships. This confidence may also reflect our behavior and tactics, with a tendency toward bold choices. We may also be less afraid to take risks in money matters. I’m going to caution against this as we head deeper into the peak of the eclipse as well as the heart of Mercury Retrograde.
This is the time where the Universe will show us some options and it could include her bringing back exes.
You know what I’m going to say about this. Just don’t. 
This could bring back ex bosses, friends and co-workers too. This can also create some false beginnings as it runs really close to the eclipse. My only antidote to this is to go slow. Don’t fall for seemingly perfect offers or too good to be true love bombing tactics, you’re so much smarter than that and the Universe is keen on showing you. 
And listen, I’m all about entertaining fun offers, but you really don’t need to sign on the dotted line just yet. Mercury will be working in tandem to show you more and better as we round the month out with a Full Moon to remember.
Again, I will have so much more in our newsletter on Wednesday, so check back then. 
For now, here are your mantras.

I have a right to exist and take up space.

I have a right to flourish and grow.

I have a right to find my path and own it.


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