The Unfolding of The Full Moon in Virgo

So, we've just had our Full Moon in Virgo and I really feel like this is where some of the fog truly gets lifted. Our week starts off with a square between Mars and Jupiter, bringing in some squeaky clean energy, so get ready to be even more productive as the vibration of our Full Moon in Virgo does its thing.

I would absolutely avoid rushing or being overly confident with the time some of your projects could take this week.

Remember, Virgo is exact and she is punctual, which sometimes means we are on her time and not imaginary time that we deem projects should take.

This is about doing it right, not doing it fast. If we choose to surrender to being honest about needs and perimeters this week at. work, we will have more support come through as the days roll on, I'll explain further.

On the 28th, the Sun will conjunct Mercury, Mercury will conjunct Saturn, and Saturn will conjunct the Sun, whew!

 You got that? What this means for you is that due to Mercury's positioning in Pisces, your mind will be remarkably sharp and perceptive. 

 A conjunction in astrology, signifies a blending of the energies and attributes of the involved planets. To clarify further, the Sun is in Pisces, Mercury is in Pisces and Saturn is in Aquarius. 

When Saturn is in Aquarius, it signifies realization, wisdom, practicality and boundaries. With the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, our intuition is ignited to new and unforeseen levels. Saturn will compound this by holding space for our hidden emotions and even secrets to come through.

If we welcome realizations this week, they will unequivocally take us to new levels in love, finance, and quality of life. If we refuse and dig in, we will get more of the same that we've been given over the last eight weeks. 

I know, it sounds serious and so stringent for me to say that. But prior to March 10th, we will be gaining momentum and garnering information that will be needed throughout the eclipse season come April and May. That is something I truly believe. 

Write it all down like I've said before and know that what is coming will be shifting in the next two weeks, and probably for the surprisingly better.

Do not get bogged down by annoying details or what others are doing, you need to focus on you right now, or you'll wish later that you had. This is an incredibly pivotal week and one where you can capitalize on energetic flow. 

What I mean by this is that it would be best to set the intention of embracing what may come as it is truly unfolding now. Even if tasks seem arduous and you feel less confident, try your best to take what you see and hear and channel it into productivity.

Don't take ANYTHING personally this week as others are going through their own version of this conjunction and that is their business. 

Your mind will be lit with ideas, solutions, and brilliant pathways to new projects, so do not let the lower vibration of others dim this. You are meant to break through and shine right now. 

I say this because with Saturn being such a truth teller and boundary illuminator, what isn't for you will come through readily at this time. It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong or that the solution is to cut your energy off, it just means that it's time to stop hiding from what needs to be done. 

And I promise you that if you lead with your heart this week and allow resistance to soften and fall, you will come out on top, higher than you ever imagined. 

As I said before, these results will come through in April and May quite loudly. Decide now that March is about to be your month and allow this week to set the tone so you can get going.

Here are some mantras to help with that.

Everything will be better than okay.

I am shifting to a higher timeline at speeds that surprise me. 

My field is recrystallizing, my wounds are healing, and my heart is finding joy again.

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