Understanding Gemini, Cancer, & Leo

With all of the intense full moon energy swirling around this week, it's time for some light-hearted fun. So, how well do you know your Gemini, Cancer, and Leo friends? Take a look:

Communicative & Curious Gemini

Gemini happens to be the most underrated sign in the zodiac, in my opinion. They are known for their duality, but the ones I have interacted with seem to be as straightforward as it comes.

I know we can't generalize anyone purely based on their sun sign, but this communicative, curious, and career-oriented sign is one I would love to have in my corner in business endeavors, and as a wing woman on my girls nights out.

They can be indecisive, but when they finally do decide, it's all systems go.

Geminis do have a nose for the truth, though, and this can make them nosy super sleuths when it comes to finding out gossip or the true intentions of others.

I believe this lends to their love language being words of affirmation and good conversation in general.

These open, adaptable, light beings are sure to see their fair share of changes this Summer season, but I really feel like they will take a logical approach to this and welcome the support of others when it comes to life's hurdles. 

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Nurturing & Playful Cancer

It's not just because of my Cancer Moon placement that I say this, but I really feel like Cancers are nurturing, playful, and really rooted in the safety and security that a soft, beautiful life brings.

They can be self-protective not because they view their personal life as something to keep secret, but because, to them, it is truly sacred. They can also lend themselves to being more dependent on others, perhaps a little petty, and maybe hold grudges at Olympic-level mastery.

Remember that protective side? Well, here it is again. They would do anything for people in their inner circle and are loyal friends.

Their sense of humor can be eccentric, and once they are able to be as authentic as possible in a relationship, this becomes endearing as they are able to really show their funny side.

Cancers are here to enjoy time spent with loved ones, and this is shown in their preferred love language of quality time, although gifts do come as a close second.

This Summer, they can expect more time socializing and really connecting with that work-life balance while finding time to rest. 

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Confident & Loyal Leo

Love me a Leo, I won't lie. Perhaps on the outside, but for the most part on the inside too, these confident, loyal, and fiercely protective lions are ones everyone needs as a friend or acquaintance.

They are protective of friends and family and truly uphold their interpersonal relationships. Cross them, however, and you get cut off. This is because Leo does have a selfish side that loves luxury and being the center of attention.

But hey, there's nothing wrong with that! We have to fill our own cups first in order to help others, and I really feel like Leo has mastered this.

Their lot in life, and especially in these summer months, is to accept their power as lasting and sacred. They are to be comfortable as the center of attention, whether good or bad, it's just time to own it.

These huge-hearted light beings are here to impart a consistent vibration of love, stability, and truth on this plane, and I'm so here for it. 

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