Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus | Bring On The Self-Love!

This week is just primed for action and collaboration. Whether you are meeting someone who can help you in your career goals, meeting someone new in the romantic sense, or connecting more deeply with those you already work with or love, something is ignited with Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus on March 30th

There will definitely be transits and energy leading up to this, but this conjunction is special because it signals a different type of magnetism within our Torus field.

There will be sincerity in friendship and shared values in love, and you will be magnetic to whatever that means for you.

There is a significant change associated with this transit. What kind of change and how it will affect you directly depends on your level of self-love. 

For example, when it comes to finances, you could have a breakthrough if you've placed belief in a personal brand or product. This could result in being discovered by an investor or influencer

If you've been working on self-worth and diving into that worthiness wound, you could connect to someone romantically who really sees you and is magnetized to the type of personal work you're doing. Alternatively, if you're seeking a partner who values your individuality as you do or a boss who sees how much you really put into your craft, this could be the time that produces the connection you've been seeking. 

In this dispensation of time that has us more magnetic, self-talk will be so damn important. Take the phrases "I'm dead" or "I suck" out of your daily lingo. I don't care if it sounds cool or trendy. That is not the move right now. Replace them with "I'm thriving" or "I win," and let me know what happens. 

You will have an increased need for excitement and stimulation during this time, and the Universe wants to deliver. Why the hell would you say you're dead, right? Right. Other parts and aspects of our self-talk will be highlighted because we are literally casting a net out into the social ocean to catch all the fish

When meeting someone new, present yourself confidently and comfortably. This will signal to the Universe to bring in more options. When speaking to your boss or clients, be true to yourself and speak up about what you know or see. They will want to know more, and you can showcase your talents more than usual. 

Conversely, if you have a shopping habit (or a dating habit) rooted in the need for validation, the opposite will be true. Your field is being reworked to be more magnetic with what actually makes you happy. 

During a stimulating time like this, you may want to run towards what you know (in my case, it's YSL purses and medium-build f*ckboys) but don't! Stay on a low simmer with both. See? This is that self-love part. We do not want to betray ourselves right now. This will compound later and fizz out, leaving us with last season's trend on a shelf or last night's hook-up on a useless roster. Yuck to both. Your time, energy, AND money are valuable, friend. YOU are valuable.

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