Venus in Leo: Everything You Need To Know

We recently covered the duality of our Full Moon in Sagittarius and how our personal growth will be recognized fully at this time. 

Our Sun in Gemini represents the "lower mind," while our Full Moon in Sagittarius represents the "higher mind." Sagittarius points to truth and learning more, while Gemini points to the way we ground and what we've been trying to hide.

This is all about going deep into our needs and patterns in order to ascend. This timeframe will also show us anything we've been neglecting inadvertently.

So you got the full low down last time but what about Venus? Yes, she's got her hand in this next phase as well. And you know the collective has been leveling up left and right lately, so this is where it gets a little spicy.

On June 5th, she enters Leo and stays there through October 8th. Just as Venus in Leo loves to be adored, pampered, and admired, we will find ourselves feeding on attention, validation, and adoration.

This can be both good and bad, but the caveat here is that she wants us to have choices and choices she will send. This will be especially true if you have a lot of Leo in your chart and, obviously, if your Venus is in Leo.

She will go retrograde on July 22nd, so until then, this will be a really profitable time in love and romance.

That same day Lady Venus opposes Pluto, so don't be surprised if you decide to come to terms with a relationship only to find that you have other options in store. You minx, you.

Intention is everything right now, and good communication will absolutely be key.

Themes around jealousy or lack of self-esteem will come through, and you may be faced with being honest about your actions or feelings, or that insecurity no longer belongs in your heart.

This is actually pretty amazing because this transit doesn't leave much room for unhealthy versions of love, we are only looking for the real deal here. This also includes self-love, as this transit is all about showing us what we deserve.

My suggestion to clients seeking love (on all levels and the self-kind included) at this time, would be to write a letter to yourself stating what it is that you deserve. Include how you'd like to wake up every day, how you'd like to be perceived and seen, and even how you want to be included in others' lives.

This taps into our inner child healing, which I'm also here for. Maybe even write out what type of mate would be our ideal, or if you are coupled, write out what you'd like this relationship to look like, if you feel it needs some changes.

You may receive what you asked for, or you may receive other options, that's the fun part when it all culminates around a Full Moon. All I know is that Venus is not playing around right now.

Venus will square the True North Node on June 8th, which will have a healing effect on our past. But for now, here's a mantra for this week.

"I am fully capable of receiving the love I deserve, all else must go. Send me all that loves me in return so that I may fully experience the love and abundance I deserve."

Crystal Prescription: In Your Power & Venus Stacks

I couldn’t decide between the “In Your Power Set” or our “Venus Stack.” Both emit the joy, grounding, and love that come with realizing our worth. And honestly, both are super pretty. Between the Kunzite and Rhodochrosite in each stack, you’ve got all of your love bases covered.

The “In Your Power Set” is so easy on the eyes and just bursts with calm and collective energy.

Rhodochrosite brings a heart-healing and sensual vibration, while Black Tourmaline grounds and strengthens conviction to dispel negative energy.

Playful Dalmatian Stone wraps the wearer in warmth and a sense of safety. It's like a super grounding hug, and it also encourages creative thinking while holding boundaries.

All of these work together to sweep and edify the chakras. Read up on all of these on my site individually, and you just might think this is my best-curated set yet

The Botswana Agate in this Venus Stack is a stone that I’ve been getting to know lately, and its peaceful, calming vibration has been pretty incredible. This particular agate resonates with those affected by or working with fire and smoke.

In conjunction with traditional therapies, it is also often used to help with smoking cessation. Although I haven’t had experience with those attributes, I can wholeheartedly confirm its calming rays and effectiveness on anger and frustration.

This little violet beauty helps her holder see the bigger picture without getting hung up on details. Think, after a hard day, this would be the perfect stone to help unwind and let go.  

Kunzite just radiates love. It is a high-vibration crystal that encourages compassion, humility, and service. It helps the wearer to adjust to the pressures of life and helps to reduce anxiety.

Natural citrine is excellent for encouraging motivation, drive, and abundance of any kind. I use it in my practice when meditation for motivation is needed. It is a powerful cleanser of the chakras, especially the solar plexus.

If you are particularly sensitive to outside influence and tend to "take on" others' emotions, this is the perfect piece

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