Wherever you are on your journey

We believe you can move through life at a higher vibration. My Metaphysical Maven is here to empower you to step into your intuitive gifts and teach you how to put them to use every day.

Welcome to Our Universe

This is our space for transformation and ascension. A place to learn, heal, grow, and gain spiritual fulfillment—whether that means taking a hard look at your shadow self or manifesting a shiny, new car. No judgments.

I’m a mom of three and a sensual being, an intuitive empath and a savvy entrepreneur. Sometimes I’m love & light, sometimes I’m hustle & spite. Our duality makes us who we are.

My obsession with stones and crystals started years ago when I was exhausted, stressed, and dealing with a whirlwind of life’s challenges. These gorgeous stones created an undeniably powerful physical, mental, and emotional shift within me. I started to share that magic by making gemstone jewelry for friends and family, then I began gridding people’s homes with larger stones. All these moments led me to create My Metaphysical Maven.

Today, my team and I are dedicated to helping everyone and anyone who has a desire to align with their Higher Self.

The Maven Manifesto

We’re as real as they come and so are our stones. 100% genuine and always ethically sourced. Clarity is impossible without transparency. If a crystal is dyed, we say so. (This blonde isn’t natural either.) We only sell what we would buy. And we definitely don’t buy into trends.

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