About Magdalena

My name is Magdalena and I’ve always had an affinity for stones and crystals. For years I’ve studied them extensively and taken notes of my own experiences through trial and error. There came a point in my life where I could not deny the power of these gorgeous stones and what they were doing for me. Crystals helped me work through the inevitable ups and downs of life, from little every day stressors to more major, unexpected crises. Naturally I am drawn to helping others so I was compelled to share what I learned because it was just too good to keep to myself. I started sharing the magic of crystals by making gemstone jewelry for friends and family, then came gridding people’s homes with larger stones- both of which resulted in rave reviews and some pretty incredible healing results. This all paved the way for the birth of My Metaphysical Maven.

At My Metaphysical Maven we serve everyone- so whether it is simple curiosity that brought you here or you’re at the next level and looking to add to your collection, you can trust that you’ve found yourself in the right place. Our crystals range in size and purpose and are all genuine, ethically sourced, and intuitively picked. In our online shop you'll also find a variety of healing methods to choose from; intuitive readings, crystal prescriptions, courses, and retreats. These have all been carefully designed to provide you with clarity and understanding on the deepest soul level.

We are so proud of what we’ve created in our little corner of the metaphysical world, it is our mission and purpose to help you wherever you are on your journey to spiritual fulfillment and Higher Self alignment. Take your time while browsing through each piece and offering because what is for you is always waiting and crystal magic has no timeline.