Gridding Your Home

Creating a crystal grid in your home is a great way to raise the energy, protect yourself from intrusive energies and bring in the types of energies that you would like to have.


Clean your entire home from top to bottom, removing any dust or old belongings that are no longer needed. Once your house is cleansed, smudge every room in the house.

Before starting you should clean your crystals so the energies will be pure. You can do this by running them under lukewarm water or immerse them in salt water or the ocean. As you do so, hold the intention that all the negative energy will be washed away and the crystal will be reenergized.

Certain crystals have the ability to self-clean or cleanse other crystals. Clear Quartz and Selenite are self-cleaning. Smaller crystals can be placed on a piece of Clear Quartz and left overnight to cleanse.

Recharge your stones by placing them in the sun or under a new moon for a few hours. You can also bury them in the ground for a day or leave them in a healthy growing garden.

Start by placing your black stone (like black tourmaline) in the four corners of your home. If your home is not the perfect square, you can also place the stones in the position of north, south, east and west. These crystals are going to help absorb any negative energy.

Place (or point) your Clear Quartz in front of the black stone you are using. This will amplify the protective energy as well as cleanse the stone.

Connect the grid by creating a square pattern around your home. This can be achieved by placing (at least two) selenite wands along the border of your home or the window ledge.

Now you have the 4 corners and the 4 walls.

The final step is to place a stone in the center of the house. This is the stone that is going to hold the focus for what energy you would like to create in your home. This can be your favorite stone or a stone based on the energies you are trying to attract.

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Crystals For Your Home

After setting the grid for your home, you can enhance you energies but placing additional crystals in each room. Select the room you'd like to amplify below for our crystal recommendations.

Crystals for Your Life

Each crystal has a specific purpose, find the ones that will best help you reach your goals.