Clearing Set for Energy Balance - Abalone Shell, Juniper Smoke Bundle with Lavender, and Apophyllite Healing Stone

Clearing Set for Energy Balance - Abalone Shell, Juniper Smoke Bundle with Lavender, and Apophyllite Healing Stone

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Bring harmony and balance to your space with our Clearing Set, designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners seeking to cleanse and revitalize your energy and that of your space. 
Included in this set is a gorgeous Abalone Shell, our signature smoke clearing bundle and an intuitively selected personal Apohyllite Crystal. 
A beautiful and sacred vessel for burning herbs and resins, the Abalone shell in this package has been selected for its stunning color. The iridescent interior of the abalone shell traditionally represents the element of water, adding a calming and purifying energy to your clearing rituals. It is also unified with the vibration of receiving and abundance due to its shape and movement, which is perfect if you use this during clearing prior to manifestation ritual. 
Included is our Juniper Smoke Clearing Bundle that has been handcrafted with dried Juniper branches and Lavender. This cleansing bundle emits a fragrant smoke that purifies and refreshes your space while interfacing with your field to calm and realign the system. Juniper is known for its protective properties, while lavender adds a soothing and calming element, making it perfect for clearing negative energy and promoting relaxation.
Last we have our Apoohyllite crystal which is connected to spiritual awakening and energy cleansing. Apophyllite is believed to facilitate connection with higher realms, enhance intuition, and create a peaceful environment. Its high vibration helps clear stagnant energy and promote positivity. It works diligently to remove negative energies and distractions. The result is better focus and creativity that occurs with ease. Apophyllite stones are highly receptive to the energies around them, while also emitting a peaceful, positive vibration, which make them perfect for gridding and cleansing the space. You will receive ONE crystal with your set. 
How to Use:
- Begin by lighting the juniper smoke bundle with lavender using the abalone shell as a safe holder.
- Waft the smoke around your space, focusing on areas that feel energetically heavy or stagnant.
- Hold the apophyllite stone in your hand or place it in the center of the space to amplify the clearing energy.
- Set your intentions for purification, balance, and renewal as you allow the smoke and crystal energy to cleanse and uplift your surroundings.
Whether you're new to energy clearing or an experienced practitioner, our Clearing Set offers a holistic approach to harmonizing your environment and enhancing your well-being.
**Note:** Each set is unique, and the appearance of stones and shells may vary slightly due to natural variations. You will receive ONE crystal in this set. 

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