Sunstone AND Quartz Pendulum
Sunstone AND Quartz Pendulum
Sunstone AND Quartz Pendulum

Sunstone AND Quartz Pendulum

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This delicate pendulum is made from Sunstone which is a stone of joy and restoration. It also showcases Clear Quartz inclusions. It clears the aura and aids in the speaking of personal truth while connecting to the Master Healer properties of Clear Quartz. 

Sunstone helps us use our intuition to combat indecisiveness by increasing confidence and assuredness. This is a stone of self-trust and action and the perfect companion for decision making. What are you going to do with the truth that’s revealed to you? This one assists you in deciphering the true meaning and intentions of those around you. It gently urges boundaries for self-care and self-preservation and is always softly reminding us that we don’t need to explain or apologize for prioritizing our own needs. This one allows your true self to shine through. Its focus on the Solar Plexus Chakras activate our Sacred Creative energies.

Clear Quartz is the master healer and helps to align the chakras fro optimal energy spin and flow. In cluster form it has profound effects on the field and the surrounding space. It draws on us to look deep as it enhances mental clarity and soothes the Crown Chakra. It is also highly protective and boosts intuition.

As your intuition will be amplified and clarity is sought, this is the perfect time to hone in on your pendulum practice. This is just one energetic tool that has immense benefits in your energetic practice.

A pendulum is a useful energetic tool to strengthen your intuition and connect to your guides. Use it as an extension of your Highest Self. A pendulum can be used in scenarios where you are hoping to gain a clearer understanding of situations in your life. I am recommending pendulum use during this time to receive greater clarity.


  • Start by clearing your mind and sitting with your pendulum in a quiet space.
  • Express gratitude for having the means to purchase the pendulum or for being blessed to have someone in your life gift it to you.
  • Hold the pendulum still with one hand and float your free hand up and down in the surrounding space repeating the phrase, “In love and light, I clear this space. In love and light, I clear this pendulum.”
  • With the pendulum suspended in stillness in one hand, ask the pendulum to show you “yes.” Then sit with it and observe what it does. Does it swing in a circle? Go back and forth? Swing in a diagonal? Make note of it. This is how the pendulum will answer “yes” to your questions.
  • In the same manner with the pendulum re-centered in stillness, ask the pendulum to show you “no.” Make note of it. This is how the pendulum will answer “no” to your questions.
  • Get comfortable with your pendulum by making statements you already know the answer to such as, “My name is __________________,” and, “I am ________ years old.” This will allow you to reconfirm what Yes and No look like with your pendulum.
  • You’re now ready to ask your pendulum questions as you get to know and trust its guidance. I always recommend recording notes around your questions and answers, especially as you are starting with this practice. Use the space below to do so as you sit with your pendulum.
  • It is key to cleanse your pendulum after sessions in order to clear it of any lingering energy. You can achieve this by running your piece under water depending on the  material of the stone, using a smudging or smoke clearing bundle, or charging it  under the Full Moon light. I always take time to express gratitude to my pendulum after completing this practice.

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