Citrine with Petite Artemis  Anklet
Citrine with Petite Artemis  Anklet

Citrine with Petite Artemis Anklet

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I’ve created some pretty little combinations for your Earth Star Chakra and I’m so excited to share!

Our feet are the part of us that are most deeply connected with the Earth. However, in our modern day, our feet are usually connected to rubber or connects constantly to some man-made structure like carpet, tile, or concrete. As summer time rolls in, I love going barefoot and adorning my ankles in my pretty anklet designs. It is one of my favorite grounding practice and no matter the circumstance, it allows for curiosity and openness to lead the way. 

This anklet is comprised Citrine and a gold fill Artemis Pendant. 

Natural citrine is excellent for encouraging motivation, drive, and abundance of any kind. I use it in my practice when meditation for motivation is needed. It is a powerful cleanser of the chakras, especially the solar plexus.

It is a truly generous stone of abundance and teaches us to manifest loudly so that confidence remains and hard work is viewed with optimism as we attain current goals and work towards new ones. If you are particularly sensitive to outside influence and tend to "take on" others emotion, this is the perfect piece.

This anklet features a PETITE Artemis Moon pendant and faceted citrine beads.

Anklet construction is simple, but sturdy, with the highest quality elastic and natural stone beads. Every one of my pieces is cleansed using specific methods to my practice and charged with Reiki. Only the most high quality materials are used. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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