The Scorpio Trio
The Scorpio Trio

The Scorpio Trio

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For those with Scorpio placements, Colombianite and Shungite join a stunning Clear Quartz Cluster. Scorpios are dripping in authenticity, mystery, and intrigue. Colombianite and Shungite support their ambition, determination, and love of truth.

Shungite has incredible grounding and healing properties. It is incredibly grounding, beyond even the scope of Tourmaline. It clears erroneous patterns, cleanses Chakras, conveys the difference between what is “for you” and what isn’t, and is an overall negative energy blocker. Scientists have discovered “fullerenes” in Shungite, which have remarkable properties. Among them, fullerenes boost the regenerative ability and  influence the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person’s resistance to stress. Shungite is amazing at clearing and protecting from geopathic and electromagnetic waves/stress. This is great to have for students who are around technology all day at school.

Colombianite is a tektite variety found in Colombia and Peru. This variety offers one of the highest vibratory rates of any Tektite. It is of the Colombian Muisca tribes and is considered to be an intensely sacred stone. It often goes by the name “Piedra Rayo” which translates to “Stone of Light.” If you’re on the journey to spiritual awakening and seeking to connect to your highest purpose, this is the quintessential stone. Colombianite lifts the veil and opens the heart to allow for such an awakening. This can both be intensely beautiful and intensely jarring depending on where one is in their readiness to discover truth and inner knowing. It brings about peace and harmony for the user as it amplifies the shedding of emotional baggage, negative thoughts patterns, and harmful patterns of behavior. This can be disruptive at first as we are shown the deepest, most aligned, truths about ourselves. Consequently, manifesting is also sped up as our Karmic lessons become revealed absorbed. I like to use this stone in times of self doubt and uncertainty when connection to my truest self is needed. Tapping into higher purpose as well as a sharp ascension out of feeling stuck is also possible. 

Clear Quartz is a master healer and releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light for clearing and refurbishing to occur. It has the natural ability to bring balance to all the Chakras, connects our physical and mental bodies, and removes distractions during meditation. It works on the individual vibrational level of the user and returns the energy to a neutral state.

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