Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set
Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set
Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set
Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set
Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set

Embrace the Dark Feminine Divine Set

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Step into the power and mystery of the Dark Feminine Divine with our exclusive bracelet set. This collection of four meticulously crafted bracelets is designed to help you integrate your shadow with your light, embracing every aspect of your being. Each bracelet in this set is carefully chosen for its unique properties and beauty, making it a perfect addition to your collection.

This set starts off with faceted Golden Sheen Obsidian, known for its shimmering, reflective, and intuition activating surface. Golden Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone of protection, grounding, and spiritual awakening. It helps to reveal hidden talents and inner truths, making it an ideal companion for shadow work and self-discovery. This piece activates protection, grounding, spiritual awakening.

The deep, rich hues of faceted Garnet beads are not only visually striking but also spiritually potent. Garnet is a stone of passion, vitality, and courage. It energizes and revitalizes the wearer, encouraging confidence and motivation. This bracelet aids in embracing one's desires and ambitions, aligning with the powerful energy of the dark feminine. This piece activates passion, vitality, courage.

Faceted Dalmatian Stone beads bring a playful yet grounding energy to this bracelet. Known for its unique spotted appearance, dalmatian stone is associated with joy, balance, and protection. It helps to dissolve negative energy and encourage a sense of playfulness and light-heartedness, making it easier to navigate the complexities of integrating the shadow self. This piece activates joy, balance, protection.

The last bracelet in this set features 4mm Rainbow Obsidian beads, renowned for their subtle, iridescent colors that reveal themselves under light. Rainbow Obsidian is a stone of deep healing and transformation. It assists in emotional release and promotes a balanced state of mind, helping the wearer to integrate and harmonize the light and dark aspects of their soul. This piece activates healing, transformation, emotional balance.

When worn together, these four bracelets create a harmonious blend of energies that embody the essence of the Dark Feminine Divine. The grounding and protective qualities of the Obsidian bracelets provide a strong foundation, while the passionate and revitalizing energy of Garnet fuels your inner fire. The playful and balancing properties of Dalmatian Stone encourage a joyful embrace of all parts of yourself. Together, they form a powerful tool for self-discovery, transformation, and the full integration of your shadow and light.

Embrace your wholeness and step into the Dark Feminine Divine with confidence. 

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"I cannot tell you how much you’ve helped me…I wasn’t able to find my closure and you handed it to me. I needed a direction… and you’ve produced that for me."


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"I haven’t taken my rhodochrosite bracelet off since I got it from you and I went from feeling helplessly sad and lost, to feeling WORLDS better. So much healing has taken place."

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