The Virgo Trio
The Virgo Trio

The Virgo Trio

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For those with prominent Virgo placements, Green Calcite and Serpentine usher in Gaia energy for this Earth sign, amplified by a gorgeous Clear Quartz cluster. Virgos are driven, attentive, and humble. I can't think of a sign that gets sh*t done better than them. Green Calcite encourages Virgo to balance out their analytical, practical nature with heart release. Serpentine helps ease perfectionist tendencies and to root instead back to the grounded Virgo energy. 

Calcite is a master heart healer. I’ve personally used it with profound success. It is the stone of forgiveness and what I call “heart release." It urges to love unconditionally and free grief or ill will deeply rooted in the past. This stone is excellent for both times of separation and reconciliation because it purges deep healing truth. It works to lift nervous tension and dissolves resistance to alignment. This is the stone for those who have suffered trauma.

Serpentine is the perfect meditation companions. It clears any cloudiness in the chakras and is especially connected to the Crown Chakra. For clients interested in activating Kundalini energies and opening new pathways. It has a way of directing your energies where you need it most, even without you consciously doing so. It's always quietly working in the background for you. I love cradling this one in my hands during meditation.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light for clearing and refurbishing to occur. It has the natural ability to bring balance to all the Chakras, connects our physical and mental bodies, and removes distractions during meditation. It works on the individual vibrational level of the user and returns the energy to a neutral state.

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